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3 Imperial Harvest Treasures You Need Before Chinese New Year

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 10 January 2020

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Chinese New Year is the Chinese festival that celebrates the beginning of a new year on the  lunar calendar. The festivities are a time for family reunion and is considered the most important part of the Chinese New Year celebration.

In line with this joyous and auspicious event, Imperial Harvest highlights 3 important Imperial Harvest treasures that you must have that will help you usher in abundance of wealth and prosperity in the year of the Metal Rat. 

1. Wealth God Jadeite Series

Cai Shen (財神), also known as the God of Wealth, play a big part during the Chinese New Year celebrations, where people pray to the deity to wish for good luck and prosperity for the new year. While there are many wealth gods in Chinese history, there are 3 specific wealth gods that are known to possess the strongest auspicious energies.

Direct Wealth God Tua Pek Gong (福德正神大伯公)

Tua Pek Gong is otherwise known as 福德正神(Fu De Zheng Shen). According to legend, Zhang Fu De was a top government official in Zhou Dynasty in charge of taxation.


Fine Jadeite Tua Pek Gong

Tua Pek Gong is one of the most powerful wealth gods. He uses the powerful Jadeite Dragon Sceptre 玉龙杖 to command power and authority for its destined owner. He also helps to ward off all malefactors to enable you to have smooth-sailing work and consistently achieve high-performance ratings.

Martial Wealth God Guan Gong (武财神关公)

Guan Gong was a general serving under a famous warlord Liubei (劉備) towards the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, known for his undying conviction to restore the glory of the Han Dynasty.


Fine Jadeite Guan Gong on Champion Stallion

Guan Gong riding on the Champion Stallion signifies that sales and business growth will grow exponentially whilst garnering strategic support from your benefactors, increasing sales and business growth effortlessly. Welding his Green Dragon Sabre 青龙偃月刀 also helps to remove malefactors 小人 from your path of success, enabling you to overcome your challenges with ease.

Grand Wealth God Bi Gan (大财神比干)

Bi Gan was a prominent premier during the Shang Dynasty, who has carefully guided King Zhou of Shang in the administration of Shang Dynasty. Under his stewardship, the administration of Shang Dynasty flourished and prospered.


Fine Jadeite Grand Wealth God

god of wealth-1

Fine Jadeite Grand Wealth God immortalises Bi Gan with the Wealth Garnering Pot 聚宝盆, Ruyi Scepter 玉如意 and Wealth Garnering Gold Ingot 聚财金元宝. Grand Wealth God welds these three wealth garnering weapons to bestow upon its destined owner massive fortunes and wealth, enabling him to achieve record-breaking sales, securing powerful job positions, achieving new heights in salary, massive windfalls and investment returns and also accelerates the manifestations of your biggest aspirations and goals, empowering you with strategic opportunities and benefactors.

2. Agarwood & Sandalwood Bead Collection


Wealth capacity is one of the most important factors in our destiny chart that governs our financial success. It refers to the potential amount of wealth we can accumulate in life. There are two types of wealth capacities: direct wealth capacity and indirect wealth capacity. 

Every Imperial Harvest Agarwood and Sandalwood bead is crafted and polished by hand. It takes a year to make the Agarwood or Sandalwood worthy of the Imperial Harvest name. 

Imperial Harvest Agarwood Collection

Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Collection

3. Bliss of Harvest Collection

boh product-4

Inspired by Master David’s visit to the Altar of Heaven in Beijing, the Bliss of Harvest collection is one of Imperial Harvest’s most iconic designs. Breaking the conventions, Master David sets the bar for elegant and cutting-edge Feng Shui jewellery. 

Timeless and truly desirable, this iconic collection features rings, pendants and bracelets created with the contemporary individual in mind. Reinterpreting the fluid geometries of the Altar of Heaven, each piece of jewellery comes set in 18k rose gold and adorned with the finest jadeites in colours which match an individual’s favourable element. 

Read about it here: The Bliss of Harvest 

At Imperial Harvest, our client’s luck cycle harmonises seamlessly with heaven and earth. This helps them to succeed in all aspects of their lives – careers, businesses, investments, health, and relationships.

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