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Which Feng Shui Remedy Is Right For MeRemedies come in a wide range of colours and an even larger assortment of designs, each carrying its own significance and unique function. We examine them.

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Few details are as important as the colour of your remedy. Each colour represents a different element, which must be carefully matched with your lifetime favourable element. The chart below shows each colour and its corresponding element.

Colour Element Chart

After selecting the right colour, it is time to find a suitable remedy for your goals. Here are the four most popular picks.

Guan Gong
Guan Gong

Known as the Business Wealth God, Guan Gong is the inspiration behind this remedy designed to help business and sales professionals achieve massive –and rapid – financial breakthroughs. In this particular posture, Guan Gong wields a sabre and rides a stallion, signifying tactical acumen and physical prowess. In real-life terms, this means you will garner support from your benefactors, while at the same time removing malefactors (小人) from your path.  In addition, the incredible physique of Guan Gong allows you to overcome all challenges, so growing your business and sales becomes effortless and quick.

Yue Lao

Yue Lao

Are you looking for your predestined true love? Or are you trying to maintain a harmonious relationship with your significant other? Whichever it is, Yue Lao – also known as the God of Matchmaking and Marriage – can help fulfil your goals. Here, Yue Lao holds two hearts closely together, with a string connecting them. For singles, the string aids you in your search for your fated match and reduces the time spent on unfruitful relationships. For couples, the string embodies a deep, everlasting love that stays true in both good and challenging times.

Zhong Kui

Zhong Kui

An established career is one way to earn money, but there are many other ways to accumulate wealth. If you have your hands in investment, trading, property, or if you are simply hoping for a windfall, then Zhong Kui – as the Indirect Wealth God – is perfect for you. Summoning five wealth goblins, Zhong Kui is equipped to help you build a strong income-generating portfolio and eventually achieve financial freedom.

Ammonite - Lavender

Ammonite of Fortunes

As its name suggests, this remedy is designed to help you attract an abundance of wealth. It is believed that during fossilisation (which took place over thousands and thousands of years!), these ammonite shells – once belonging to a wide variety of deep-sea creatures – absorbed and became a container for the Earth’s energy. As a result, one of the most popular benefits it brings is a stable and prosperous career. It does so by fast tracking your increment and promotion.    

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