Qian Long Jadeite Mountain Collection

Bearing witness to the ingenuity of Emperor Qian Long and his Imperial Feng Shui masters, the Qian Long Jadeite Mountain pays tribute to the influence of auspicious mountain landforms. Each Imperial Harvest Qian Long Jadeite Mountain is a jadeite masterpiece, honouring its esteemed heritage with unrivalled attention to detail.

Qian Long Jadeite Mountain

The most widely-cited verse from the principles of Imperial Feng Shui – “山管人丁,水管财” proclaims the importance of the mountain star. The stable and immovable mountains represent power and benefactor support, with the benefactor sector appropriately harnessed by activating the mountain star.

Anchored by the unrivalled craftsmanship boasted by jadeite artisans, the Imperial Harvest Qian Long Jadeite Mountain has a contemporary outlook that brings new light to this revered Imperial Feng Shui treasure.

Heritage of Qian Long Jadeite Mountain

The Qian Long Jadeite Mountain was first conceived over three centuries ago by Emperor Qian Long and his Imperial Feng Shui masters to address the challenges associated with building the imperial palace near auspicious mountain landmarks. According to Imperial Feng Shui principles, this is desirable as “Mountains govern benefactors, authority and harmony (山管人丁).”

More than 200 years after Emperor Qian Long’s illustrious reign, the imposing silhouette of the Qian Long Jadeite Mountain looms large at Imperial Harvest, bearing witness to the pioneering ingenuity of his Imperial Feng Shui masters. Ensconced within the inner sanctums of countless blessed clients, this magnificent treasure of choice reigns supreme, channelling to the influence of auspicious mountain landforms.

Today, Imperial Harvest’s timeless reimagination of Emperor Qian Long’s jadeite masterpieces adorn the homes and offices of numerous blessed clients, empowering them with amplified benefactor support, relationship harmony and success.

A veritable masterpiece, each Imperial Harvest Qian Long Jadeite Mountain pays homage to its fabled provenance with an intricacy of detail. Only the finest natural raw jadeite boulders, sourced from renowned Burmese mines, are deemed worthy of the Imperial Harvest mark. Cleaving open these exceptional boulders reveals their jadeite hearts — where Imperial Feng Shui energies are at their densest — which are extracted and handcrafted into the inimitable Imperial Harvest Qian Long Jadeite Mountain.

Behind each Imperial Harvest Qian Long Jadeite Mountain is a team of dedicated artisans armed with an illustrious multi-generational lineage in jadeite craftsmanship. Each is well-equipped to manually shape and carve by hand according to Master David’s inspired vision, mirroring the expertise of Emperor Qian Long’s royal jadeite masters.

Qian Long Jadeite Mountain Installation

During the Qing dynasty, Emperor Qian Long’s team of Imperial Feng Shui masters overcame the challenges of building the Imperial Palace near the ideal Xue (穴) spot by creating the Qian Long Jadeite Mountain, thereby activating the Mountain Star. The Mountain Star governs benefactor luck, authority and harmony for the occupants within a house or office space.

Benefactor support refers to the support that individuals gain from the different authorities, superiors, colleagues, subordinates and customers in their lives. Amplified benefactor support may provide us with timely guidance that appears at strategic moments of our lives to lead us through challenges and obstacles, inspiring us to accomplish breakthroughs and successes in wealth creation, relationship success, business ventures or investment returns. In short, benefactors bring opportunities, wealth and success.