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By 3rd generation Imperial Feng Shui master, Master David Goh

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In this 70 page guide, Master David will teach you everything you need to learn about Imperial Feng Shui and the never-revealed-before Imperial Feng Shui principles and strategies to help you supercharge your earning potential, gain million dollar support from powerful benefactors, achieve consistent market beating investment returns while maintaining good health and blissful relationships with friends and family members.

Important Takeaways From This Ebook

Learning Objectives


Imperial Landform Principles

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Understanding the Implications of Missing Sectors in your House

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Debunking the Myths about Wealth Sectors

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Major Flaws of Classical Feng Shui


Three Fundamental Imperial Feng Shui Principles


Authentic Imperial Feng Shui Methods to Activate your Wealth Sectors

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Step by Step audit Process

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Real Life Case Studies

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2020 Annual Afflictions


Does it sound like you?


After moving into this house, my career and business went downhill. My relationship with my partner began to deteriorate.  

After moving into this new office, I have a lot of conflicts and things are not smooth

I want to choose a good Feng Shui house / office but I do not know where to start

I have consulted a lot of Feng Shui masters but none of them worked for me 

I am new to Feng Shui and I want to learn more about authentic Imperial Feng Shui 

I am a Feng Shui enthusiast and have applied Classical Feng Shui for years but I didn't see any visible results 


Master David will address your burning questions in this 2020 Millionaire Home Feng Shui Guide packed with generations of Imperial Feng Shui wisdom  

Who Should Download The Guide?

New Homeowners 

If you are looking for a new property, this step-by-step guide will share with you how you can select an auspicious Feng Shui property that can supercharge your earning potential and achieve breakthrough results in your career, business and investment.

Existing Homeowners  

If you are staying at your current house or office and you feel stuck in your career or business, this is the perfect guide to help you remove the bottlenecks and achieve peak performance in your career, business and investment, enabling you to achieve new breakthroughs and stupendous success.

Feng Shui Enthusiasts

Whether you are completely new to Feng Shui or have been learning Feng Shui for many years, this content-packed Feng Shui guide will provide you easy to understand and never-revealed-before Imperial Feng Shui insights and tips to enable you gain fresh perspectives and apply Imperial Feng Shui to help you achieve accelerated growth and consistent results in your career, business and investments.

About Master David Goh


Master David Goh is a world renowned Imperial Feng Shui master, author and speaker.  

Widely recognised as the world number one authority in Imperial Feng Shui, he is the Principal Imperial Feng Shui consultant to many Multinational Corporations, International Luxury Brands and Real Estate Developers: Amazon, Allen & Gledhill, DBS Bank, IWC Schaffhausen, Damiani, Resort World Sentosa, Pacific Light and Rustomjee. 

He is the Chief Feng Shui Consultant at Imperial Harvest (Singapore leading Imperial Feng Shui consultancy) and leads a team of 10 staff to advise clients from 15 major cities around the world.