Master David Goh


Third Generation Feng Shui Master

Master David Goh (吴宸翔大师) is the third generation Feng Shui master at the helm of Imperial Harvest. Like his father and grandfather, Master David is a firm believer that your destiny lies in your hands. With good Feng Shui, you can redesign your destined path to achieve your desired goals and aspirations.


In the 1930s, Master David Goh’s grandfather (Grandmaster Fu Tian Long 伏天龙大师) inherited the art of Imperial Feng Shui from Feng Shui grandmasters around Southeast Asia and Taiwan. His Feng Shui practice spanned an impressive 50 years. In 1980, the title was handed over to his son, Master Long De Ren 龙德仁师傅. Like his father before him, he served an exclusive pool of clientele, consulting them in their homes and offices.

As a child, Master Goh had taken a keen interest in his father’s practice of Feng Shui and Bazi readings. He grew up with a deep respect for centuries-old Chinese culture and traditions, and an appreciation of the power of Feng Shui to help others. The exclusive Feng Shui knowledge and experience that was imparted to him over the years was invaluable and formed the foundation of his authentic approach to Feng Shui. Upon graduation from university, Master David answered his life’s calling and took over the helms of the Feng Shui practice.

In the years since, Imperial Harvest has grown rapidly by assisting thousands of clients to achieve success in life. Today, Imperial Harvest serves its prestigious and international pool of clients from its luxurious flagship gallery located at Delfi Orchard #02-07/#02-08 and Imperial Harvest Prestige at #03-24/25, in Singapore. Imperial Harvest continues to be committed to Feng Shui expertise, authentic traditions, and exceptional product quality.


Master David Goh is the founder of Imperial Harvest, Singapore’s leading Imperial Feng Shui consultancy and a world-renowned Imperial Feng Shui master, author and speaker.

Widely recognised as the world’s number one authority in Imperial Feng Shui, he has advised and guided over 6,000 clients in Singapore and around the world to success and breakthroughs in their careers, businesses, sales, investments and relationships.

He is also the principal Imperial Feng Shui consultant to various multi-national corporations in sectors such as luxury retail, e-commerce, banking, hospitality, energy services and real estate.


Industry Collaboration

With his vast experience working alongside thousands of clients and numerous MNCs and SMEs from virtually every industry, Master David Goh is able to provide comprehensive analysis and auditing services to create ideal Imperial Feng Shui environments for employees to excel in their performance, leading to sustainable business growth.

With past services rendered to corporate accounts, such as identifying ideal plots of land for construction, formulation of ideal office layouts that promote better Feng Shui, office and building colour (five elements) selection that harmonises with its external surroundings and auditing existing buildings and offices to identify deficiencies in the energy chart, Master David Goh offers curated and personalised solutions for all corporate clients based on their requirements.


Jeff Yeo

“Within a year, my business grew at an astonishing rate. We became profitable and started earning a 7-figure revenue.”


“Over the years, I have also recommended a few friends who have seen positive results in their career after wearing their Imperial Harvest Treasures. I’m really grateful to have Imperial Harvest’s support and guidance.”