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How Can Feng Shui Work For Me?There are two ways to apply Feng Shui in your everyday life: knowing your predestined path, then delaying your decisions or initiating your action plans based on that knowledge. Or empowering yourself with the right remedy to shape your destiny to your favour and achieve your goals and aspirations. We share the common mistakes and how you can do both correctly.

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Steve Jobs Bazi ChartSteve Jobs's Bazi Chart

It starts with your Bazi chart, which is derived from your year, month, day and time of birth. Think of it as a profile of your life, with codes to various aspects, including career, wealth, health, relationship and personality. Understanding your Bazi chart helps to make sense of the events that are happening or will happen in your life, and guide you to make decisions that ‘flow’ with your luck cycle.

Hold On A Minute! What's a Luck Cycle?

5 Bazi Elements

Your Bazi chart also reveals your lifetime favourable and unfavourable elements. There are a total of five elements, namely Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. Your elements are constantly interacting with the surrounding environment, creating both auspicious and inauspicious times for different activities.

This process is called the luck cycle. When in a state of auspiciousness, you can be said to be in ‘good luck’ and vice versa. Often, you will be encouraged to ‘take action’ towards your goals during this time as your decisions will most likely result in a favourable outcome. By the same token, you will be advised to ‘lie low’ and avoid making any major change to your life when you are in a state of inauspiciousness, or ‘bad luck’.

Of course, Feng Shui has evolved over the centuries, giving birth to what is known as Imperial Feng Shui. Instead of just predicting your fate and encouraging you to mould your decisions to fit it, this branch of Feng Shui is more concerned with empowering you to change your destiny so as to achieve a favourable outcome – not months later, not years later, but now. This is useful if, for example, you are looking to more urgently improve your financial outlook in the face of an impending marriage or the birth of a new child.

A popular way to convey the destiny-changing effects of Imperial Feng Shui is through remedies, which usually come in the form of jadeites or crystals. They were worn by Chinese emperors who ruled over ancient China. However, these remedies are not merely symbolic, meaning generic, off-the-shelf ones do not work. To ensure its effectiveness, an Imperial Feng Shui master must first carefully select a remedy that harmonises with your lifetime favourable element and life goals before blessing it at your most auspicious date and time. Then, a remedy will work.

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