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Every new client begins their Imperial Harvest journey with a free Bazi consultation.
During the free Bazi consultation, your assigned Imperial Harvest consultant will review your situation, identify your lifetime favourable elements and auspicious colours and prescribe the suitable Imperial Feng Shui treasure to help you achieve your goals and aspirations.

Over the years, more than 6000 clients have consulted Master David and his team of consultants to achieve -

(1) Accelerated career progression

(2) Secure highly competitive job positions with supportive bosses and colleagues

(3) Consistent growth in their sales and referrals

(4) Blissful relationships with family and friends

(5) Secure distinctions and competitive scholarships in their academic studies

(6) Explosive growth in their trading and investment portfolio

(7) Enjoy good health and longevity


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What is Imperial Feng Shui? 

Master David Goh, a third Generation Imperial Feng Shui master, explains the philosophy of Imperial Feng Shui. 

21 June 2021 Imperial Feng Shui EP1 (YT FB Final)


Stories of Imperial Harvest Clients

An Imperial Harvest treasure isn’t just a trusted partner for your prosperity needs – it’s also a witness to life’s sweetest milestones. Discover what our clients have to say about their Imperial Harvest experience.

16 June 2021 Jeff Yeo

"I believe strongly in fengshui and have consulted many different masters over the years. If I had a choice, I will not choose differently and still continue to consult Master David. ” - Jeff Yeo

21102020 jun yih blog Both

" I felt very comfortable during the consultation, Master David and his team were extremely helpful and professional, to this day I am still very grateful for their expert advice and that I took the first step to make a change in my life that very day.“ - Jun Yih


“Despite the circuit-breaker period in Singapore, my online business continued to operate without any hiccups and generated high profits every month. I am really amazed by the power of Imperial Harvest Treasures.” - Desy  

YS & Ben-1

“Over the years, I have referred a number of friends and family members to Master David and they are also very satisfied with the results they have achieved with Imperial Harvest.” - Yee Siew