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Common Beliefs About Feng ShuiSo you had your Bazi chart analysedUnfortunately, you had also been delivered a troubling diagnosis: you are in a state of bad luck. What happens now? Do you accept your fate and move on? Is changing your luck even possible? We reveal Feng Shui's true nature.

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Traditionally, Feng Shui revolves around predicting one’s fate and leveraging on that knowledge to make the best decision (even though the decision may not look like the best at that point in time). For this reason, you will often be advised to ‘lie low’ when in a state of bad luck – and only ‘take action’ towards your goals when your good luck has returned. For example, you may be recommended to hold on to a job you do not like because there is a better chance of securing a more lucrative offer a few months later.

Emperor Qian LongEmperor Qian Long

On the surface, this advice makes a lot of sense. But not to Emperor Qian Long, who believed that being able to change one’s fate is more valuable than simply knowing it. Thus, Imperial Feng Shui was born. While traditional Feng Shui (more commonly referred to as Classical Feng Shui today) focuses on divination, Imperial Feng Shui is seen as an ‘actionable’ and more practical form of Feng Shui. Using Imperial Feng Shui, Emperor Qian Long ruled over the Qing dynasty for 61 years – the joint-longest reign in the history of ancient China.

Other Chinese emperors would go on and adopt Imperial Feng Shui. Instead of simply guiding their emperors’ decisions, Imperial Feng Shui masters were charged with enhancing their emperors’ statuses, power and well-being. They did so with remedies, often in the form of treasures such as jadeites and crystals, which the emperors would wear. Today, Imperial Feng Shui masters still prescribe the same royal remedies to those who wish to shape their own destinies instead of simply knowing them.

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