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6 Reasons Why Feng Shui Is Not Working For You

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 19 July 2019

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Over the centuries, Feng Shui has proven itself to be extremely beneficial to its followers, whether it's guiding them to make the right million-dollar business decisions, helping them rapidly earn promotions and increments in their jobs – or even improving their health and attracting the love of their lives.

We're guessing you have the same goals. But after reading a few articles or watching some videos and trying to apply the principles of Feng Shui yourself – or even consulting a Feng Shui master, you still aren't experiencing results. 

Don't worry, your faith in Feng Shui isn't misplaced. But let's consider the reasons why Feng Shui isn't working for you yet.

1. You received uncredible Feng Shui advice


As Feng Shui courses, especially those that can be completed in just 2 to 3 days, become more readily available, an increasing number of people are jumping on the bandwagon to become a Feng Shui 'master'. 

With a website and a mobile number, they begin to market their services aggressively while still holding their day jobs. Many consumers fell prey to their compelling copywriting and affordability.

Due to their lack of proper training, sufficient experience and knowledge from a family lineage that has been practising Feng Shui for decades, their advice quickly falls apart when put to a real-world test. More often than not, the prescribed remedies fail to live up to its promised results.

To make matters worse, these Feng Shui 'masters' often become uncontactable, leaving their clients hanging during times when they need support and guidance.

2. You implemented the myths from uncredible Feng Shui advice


For example, Feng Shui 'masters' usually recommend installing a water feature to activate your home's wealth sectors. This rationale behind using a water feature is that water represents wealth. However, such a belief is false!

In reality, water features were never found in the imperial court, the emperor's study room or anywhere in the forbidden palace. 

ql room (3)

Due to the dramatic approaches and extensive promises of such advice, it's easy to be a victim of such myths, which aren't only costly, but also don't deliver results.

To find out more about other myths to avoid, 

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3. You did not address the annual afflictions

Just like how your birth chart (or Bazi) cannot be analysed only once due to the your stars' constant interaction with each other and their ever-changing position, your home's Feng Shui energy is always evolving with the arrival of yearly, monthly and daily flying stars.

flying sequence 3

This is known as the annual affliction.

Each year, the different affliction / stars move to the different sectors in your home.  It's important to be aware of these annual afflictions as they can cause you and your family harm and misfortunes.


These are the annual afflictions you should take note of in 2019:

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This is why we recommend having a dedicated, full-time Feng Shui master. A 'master' who holds a day job and only practises Feng Shui for an extra source of income may position Feng Shui as one-size-fits-all solution, and is more likely to engage in a one-off and non-recurring relationship with you.

This lack of commitment to your needs can spell trouble for you. Many people have suffered the disastrous effects of bad Feng Shui based on a one-time analysis or experienced only short-lived results, which may discourage you from going for more consultations. In turn, this deprives you of the remedies you truly need to make advancements in life.

Remedies must match your primary goals during any given period. As you grow and change, so do your priorities and the star positioning on your charts. This is why Feng Shui can never be passed off as a one-time fix.

4. You studied about Feng Shui ... from the wrong source


Technology today has made it possible for anyone to easily upload information about Feng Shui even if it may be inaccurate.

This information can usually be found on social media, online study groups and forums. Some even promote self-study courses that can be completed in as few as 1 to 2 hours!

Such self-study courses have very little to do with the art and science of Feng Shui – much less based on competent background knowledge – and more to do with being a platform for making money off unsuspecting users.

Put another way, the practice of Feng Shui can be likened to the practice of medicine. Both practices are meant to help people and enhance their lives. Practitioners of each field take years, if not decades to perfect their crafts. 

No one becomes a doctor after just hours or days learning about medicine. Likewise, no one becomes a Feng Shui expert after just hours or days after studying about Feng Shui in an online course.

5. You mistook Classical Feng Shui for Imperial Feng Shui

There are two school of thoughts when it comes to Feng Shui: Classical Feng Shui and Imperial Feng Shui.

wrong fengshui

Some of the most common remedies associated with Classical Feng Shui include artificial crystals, glass balls and water features such as fountains. These remedies are readily available, cost little and can be easily bought. 


For example, the Amethyst Crystal Geode Cave is one of the most popular Feng Shui products in the market. It's affordable, and is said to be able to activate the wealth corners in your home.


However, by installing such a remedy at home, you're involuntarily introducing Sha Qi (杀气) to your home. Sha Qi refers to negative Feng Shui or attacking energy. 

This is because in Imperial Feng Shui, the crystal cave, with its sharp top, represents the Fire Mountain. It's an inauspicious landform feature that can cause disharmony among the family and health issues.

Find out more about auspicious and inauspicious landform features:

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Imperial Feng Shui, on the other hand, focuses on practicality and effectiveness. It directly addresses the most important success factor in life: personal luck.

Remedies used in Imperial Feng Shui comes from closely guarded knowledge passed down from generation to generation, beginning with the Feng Shui practitioners who helped guide the Chinese emperors in their decisions in ancient China.


Imperial Feng Shui remedies include the best of earthly treasures such as Jadeite, Sandalwood and Agarwood, crafted from all-natural materials.

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6. You consulted too many Feng Shui experts


When you've just started on your Feng Shui journey, we always advise getting a second opinion. This helps to confirm the readings and the remedies provided, resulting in a stronger faith.

However, when you consult too many Feng Shui masters, you may encounter an overlap in the methods followed by them. This is because in the modern age, there're various branches of Feng Shui adopted by different masters. 

The sheer amount of information may lead to confusion and create mistrust in your master and Feng Shui in general.

Be sure to conduct thorough research on the expert whom you've decided to consult with, understand their beliefs and where their Feng Shui practice stems from. Does their expertise come from the Internet? Do they possess knowledge handed down from past generations? Remember, the importance of choosing a Feng Shui master with proper training and sufficient experience cannot be overlooked!

In conclusion, you should not undermine the effectiveness of Feng Shui. It may not have worked for you in the past for various reasons, but if the procedures listed here are followed, it can create an impactful experience for an individual and their family.

At Imperial Harvest, Master David leverages his three generations of Imperial Feng Shui expertise. His commitment to uphold authentic Imperial Feng Shui practices and attention to detail are the reasons why many clients benefited from his time-tested and proven Imperial Feng Shui approach.

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