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Using Imperial Feng Shui for your home

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 16 November 2018

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Home Feng Shui is about optimizing the flow of energy. Each house has a unique energy blueprint that governs wealth, health, relationship and studies. The role of a Feng Shui master is to help home owners to understand the unique energy blueprint of the house and share the strategies to achieve optional flow of energy to achieve wealth and success.


The difference between Imperial and Classical Feng Shui for your home 

Hailing from the Imperial Courts, Imperial Feng Shui was an exclusive branch of Feng Shui reserved for Chinese emperors and royal families. This was a secretive and complex practice honed over generations of Feng Shui expertise and only by those with a proven lineage.

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Adapted from Imperial Feng Shui, Classical Feng Shui is of little practical value

A classical Feng Shui master would calculate the destiny chart of the occupants and plot the chart of the house either based on flying star or eight mansions method. Following which, the Feng Shui master would recommend the occupants to place the furniture in specific positions and decorate their houses with readily available solutions such as salt water container, wind chimes, pixiu, black gold fish, bronze coins and water fountains.


While Classical Feng Shui is more commonly known due to its accessibility and affordability, it has delivered inconsistent results due to the compromise in standards. Instead of conforming to the authentic principles of Imperial Feng Shui, Classical Feng Shui took parts of the information and compromises on the quality of Feng Shui remedies.  

Why Imperial Feng Shui delivers breakthrough results and exceptional performance all the time?

Imperial Feng Shui delivered breakthrough results consistently to its clients because of the standards we hold ourselves. Imperial Harvest practices only Imperial Feng Shui because of Master David’s refusal to bow down to sub-standards and mediocrity.

Master David uses the finest quality remedies – the same Imperial Feng Shui remedies applied by the Imperial Feng Shui masters who served successful Chinese emperors like Qian Long. 

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How does Imperial Home Fengshui work?


Begin with an end in mind – that is the mantra of Imperial Feng Shui masters. Clients will share their goals and aspirations with our team of Imperial Feng Shui consultants. This is the most critical step of an Imperial Feng Shui consultation.

After which, our team of Imperial Feng Shui consultants will analyse the prospective client’s home/office chart together with their destiny charts.

Amalgamating the understanding of our client’s goals and analysis of their destiny chart, our Imperial Feng Shui consultant will share with the most potent and effective Imperial Feng Shui solutions available. 

Upon selecting the Imperial Feng Shui remedy, our 3rd generation Imperial Feng Shui master, Master David Goh, will select an auspicious date and time to bless the remedy specific to our client’s goals. Master David will personally visit the client’s home/office to install the Imperial Feng Shui home remedies.

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