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The Truth about Chinese Zodiac Forecasts

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 2 January 2019

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It’s the beginning of a new year, which means an influx of annual Chinese zodiac forecasts circulating online. Have you wondered why Master David has never given any annual Chinese zodiac forecasts? In this article, we will reveal the truth about Chinese zodiac forecasts.


Chinese zodiac forecast is commonly practiced by Classical Fengshui masters on their clients. Their clients are told to defer their plans when they are in a bad luck cycle. For instance, you shouldn’t change your job, start a new business or even begin a new a relationship just because you were born in the year of the snake. The essence of classical Fengshui advice is to wait for the right moment in life to arrive. It is a passive approach – the same one used by commoners in the past.

Here are the three common pieces of advice you may hear from annual Chinese zodiac forecasts

  1. You can/cannot venture into new business or change your job this year
  2.  You can/cannot begin a new relationship. You may or may not encounter sexual scandal or meet third party in your relationship 
  3. You are in radiant health. Your health will deteriorate, and you may suffer from certain injuries or sickness.

The problem with annual Chinese Zodiac Forecasts

The problem with telling half a million Singaporeans (6 million population divided by 12 Chinese zodiac signs) born in the year of snake or pig that they will fail in the year of pig is that it will cause many individuals to defer important career, business and even life plans which may in turn jeopardise their short- and long-term successes.

What happens to those who receive good forecasts then?

Based on past experience, receiving a good forecast is just as bad as receiving a bad forecast.

Such generic forecasts are largely inaccurate, and the essence of these Chinese zodiac forecasts (Classical Fengshui advice) is to persuade an individual to wait for success to happen.

For example, it's said that people who are born in the year of the horse will have a smooth-sailing year ahead. During the year, they will encounter good career opportunity, but will need more time to find their ideal partner. 

Three major hard truths with Chinese Zodiac Forecasts:
1. Chinese zodiac forecasts are largely inaccurate

The principle that underpins the annual Chinese zodiac forecast is known as Shen Sha (神煞).
This is very generic and never specific as it is based solely on the year of birth. Classical Feng Shui masters disregard the month, day and time of birth.

2. Generic advice often encourages individuals to make more wrong decisions

Generic advice that disregards individual’s situation, state of luck and background can be incredibly dangerous and detrimental. 

A seemingly harmless motivational advice like your Chinese Zodiac sign is supported by auspicious stars and therefore you can start a new business may turn your leap of faith to leap to death.

3. Induces individuals to have false confidence or state of emotional despair

Generic Chinese zodiac forecasts often induce unnecessary fears or false confidence. Some people may end up waiting mindlessly for success upon receiving a positive forecast while others freeze to inactions after hearing depressing prospects.

The Imperial Harvest Approach 

At Imperial Harvest, we practise Imperial Feng Shui - the highly exclusive art of Feng Shui that focuses on helping individuals achieve their goals and aspirations with the application of the best earthly treasures.

We focus on empowering our clients to attain the state of good luck so that our blessed clients will meet powerful benefactors, progressive career opportunities or even secure multi-million-dollar deals. At Imperial Harvest, we are committed to help our clients achieve tangible and measurable results.

Every individual’s journey to success is unique and therefore when it comes to the matter of fate and destiny, Master David dedicates an exceptional level of expertise and precision to individual’s birth chart to make sure his clients fully realise their potential and achieve their goals and aspirations.

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