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The Complete Guide to Imperial Harvest Agarwood

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 15 May 2020

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Imperial Harvest Agarwood is an essential collection for those who are seeking to amplify their direct wealth capacity.

The Imperial Harvest Promise

The superlative beauty of Imperial Harvest Agarwood is the result of strict quality standards and our commitment to harvest only the most exquisite Agarwood at every step.

Our craftsmen see the beauty in every Imperial Harvest Agarwood, and work with passion and precision to unleash the rich resin of each Agarwood from within. Every Imperial Harvest Agarwood bead is crafted and polished by hand. It takes a year to make an Imperial Harvest Agarwood worthy of the Imperial Harvest name.  

What is direct wealth capacity (正财库)?

Direct wealth capacity refers to the income potential we derive from our career, business, sales and other regular sources of income. If you are a full-time trader, trading is deemed as your source of direct wealth.

Application of Imperial-grade Agarwood in the past

Emperor Qian Long is one of the most prosperous and successful emperors of the Qing Dynasty. Whenever he travelled, he never failed to bring along two essential Imperial Fengshui treasures,namely his personalised jadeite of metal element and the Agarwood beads.

The jadeite and Agarwood beads enhance his personal luck and expanding his wealth capacity respectively. This is why the Qing Dynasty enjoyed tremendous wealth, harmony and prosperity under his reign.

Different types of Imperial Harvest Agarwood and its application

Each Imperial Harvest Agarwood is unique like a fingerprint, with its colour and resin being its distinguishing characteristics.

1. Fallen Log Agarwood (Yellow Meat)

 15jun-Yellow meat

Fallen Log Agarwood derives its name from the way the Agarwood is formed. It is an extremely rare Agarwood that can only be found in rare and dangerous old forest in deep mountains. The fermentation process takes place above the ground after a specific species of Agarwood tree has been struck by lightning or knocked down by animals. 

Years of fermentation: 100-120 years

Characteristics: Its resin is scattered sporadically across the Agarwood beads. It has a nice bittersweet medicinal fragrance. The colour of the Fallen Log (Yellow Meat) is faint yellow. 

Wealth capacity expansion: accelerate growth in career and business

2. Fallen Log Agarwood (Purple Meat)

15jun-Purple Meat


Characteristics: The difference between Yellow Meat and Purple Meat is the years of fermentation. Purple meat Fallen Log Agarwood is fermented for a longer period of time, giving it its signature purplish hue.

Years of fermentation: 200-250 years

Wealth capacity expansion: accelerate the growth in career and business, acquire power mentors

3. Tiger Striped Agarwood

15jun-Tiger Stripe


Characteristics: Tiger-striped Agarwood derives its name from the thick stripe of Agarwood resin across each Agarwood bead. It is formed when the fallen Agarwood tree is half buried underground.

Year of fermentation: 300 years and above

Wealth capacity expansion: accelerate the growth in career and business, acquire powerful mentors, grab powerful opportunities

4. Red Earth Agarwood

15jun-Red Earth


Earth category Agarwood is the second most premium grade Agarwood. It is exceptionally difficult to discover because the Agarwood is buried underground while it undergoes fermentation for a few centuries. 

Chacteristics: The rich minerals in the soil and moist conditions provide the perfect environment for the Agarwood fungi to grow and flourish. The result is a rich and dense Agarwood resin crystallised on the buried Agarwood log. The reddish colour is due to the rich iron deposits found in the soil.  

Years of fermentation: 500 years and above

Wealth capacity expansion: stupendous growth in career and business, tremendous support from powerful mentors and subordinates, grab and secure high growth opportunities

5. Dark Earth Agarwood

15jun-Dark Earth

Characteristics: Dark earth Agarwood derives its name from the dark and intense colour. A myriad of complex rich soil minerals contribute to its rich and intense dark coloured resin.

Years of fermentation: 800 years and above.

Wealth capacity expansion: stupendous growth in career and business, multiply career and business income by multi-folds, gain tremendous and firm support from powerful mentors and subordinates, grab and secure high growth million-dollar opportunities 

6. Near Sinking Agarwood 

15jun-Near Sinking

Characteristics: Near-sinking Agarwood is one of the finest Agarwood types in the world. It nearly sinks when it is placed in water. It is typically owned by members of royal families in the past. Its rich and intense resin is fully and evenly distributed.

Years of fermentation: 1000 years and above.

Wealth capacity expansion: million-dollar growth in career and business, multiply career and business income by many folds, receive tremendous million-dollar support from powerful leading authorities in your industry, secure many million-dollar growth opportunities, reach the top of your industry.

Note: Imperial Harvest Sinking and Qinan Agarwood beads are only available to selected VIP clients who have deep affinity with Master David. Due to its rarity, it is not available at our galleries most of the time.

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