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Seventh Month Special Collection

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 10 August 2018

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As the month long Hungry Ghost festival celebration begins, we would like to take the opportunity to showcase three important Imperial Harvest signature collections that have brought many clients investment, trading and financial success and breakthroughs.

1. Fine Jadeite Zhong Kui 


Ideal for:

  • Investment success
  • Prevent loss of wealth
  • Removal of malefactors

Jadeite Zhong Kui is an important cultural symbolism of the seventh lunar month.

Zhong Kui is the indirect wealth deity who summons the wealth goblins to bring three different sources of investment income : windfall, trading and investment breakthroughs.

Three important design features:
1. Wealth Garnering Sword 钟馗招财剑: the powerful sword weld by Zhong Kui commands wealth, power and authority for its destined owner.

2. Indirect Wealth Gold ingot 偏财金元宝: the gold ingot is placed at the foot of Zhong Kui to attract abundance of wealth and opportunities to its destined owner wherever he/she goes.

3. Wealth Goblins 招财精灵: the wealth Goblins protect its destined owner from malefactors and gather wealth and prosperity 24/7.

Your lifetime favourable element 
Master David personally deciphers your lifetime personal favourable element before he conducts the highest order of blessings.

2. Fine Jadeite Tua Di Ya Pek 

More powerful than ever 

Jadeite Tua Di Ya Pek is first launched in December 2015. It is designed to be more powerful than Jadeite Zhong Kui.

Two powerful indirect wealth deities Tua Di Ya Pek are carefully carved by craftsman with more than 30 years of experience each.

Tua Di Ya Pek - double the deities double the power

- Tua Ya Pek brings consistent and long term growth of your financial portfolio

- Di Ya Pek delivers short & mid term income growth of your financial portfolio.

For investors and traders who wish to grow their financial portfolio, this is possibly your best investment ever. A lifetime luck multiplier to grow your wealth and success.

The same rule applies - Master David will look into your personal Bazi chart and decipher your favourable element.

3. Sandalwood 

The final touch - amplifying your indirect wealth capacity

Yellow Meat Old Mountain Sandalwood Beads

Yellow Meat Old Mountain Sandalwood Beads blessed by Master David

India Old Mountain Sandalwood Imperial Dragon2

India Old Mountain Sandalwood Imperial Dragon blessed by Master David 

Sandalwood amplifies our indirect wealth capacity as Master David reveals the secret of Imperial Fengshui for the first time in 2017. (click here to read "Personal Fengshui Strategies for 2017")

Imperial Harvest sandalwood originates from India Mysore religion, where the rarest and most expensive sandalwood is harvested.

Did you know?

Imperial Harvest Sandalwood belongs to the top 0.1% of the world's sandalwood family. The extraordinary Imperial Harvest Sandalwood are 100% natural, grown and harvested in the most treacherous mountains of India (Mysore region). Every Imperial Harvest Sandalwood has to go through 30-40 years of aging and fermentation before it qualifies to be Imperial Harvest grade.

95% of the sandalwood supply are ordinary wood treated with chemical sandalwood perfume and oils.

4.9% of the sandalwood supply are planted by farms and treated with chemical growth fertilizers to accelerate the growth of sandalwood.

Paying tribute to the Royal Traditions

Royal families of the past like Emperor Qian Long wore India Old Mountain Sandalwood beads to empower themselves with wealth and success. The result was a prosperous nation, filled with harmony and prosperity.

Every Imperial Harvest Sandalwood has to be blessed by Master David on auspicious date and time.

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