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3 Reasons Why You Need To Invite Zhong Kui and Tua Di Ya Pek

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 08 August 2019

Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins

For years, the Fine Jadeite Zhong Kui and Tua Di Ya Pek have remained highly sought-after by many blessed clients. In this article, we will be sharing three reasons why you need to invite the Fine Jadeite Zhong Kui and Tua Di Ya Pek this Seventh Lunar month.

1. They are only available during the Seventh Lunar Month

High quality jadeites are extremely rare and difficult to come by. An Imperial Harvest Treasure is meant to last for a lifetime. This forms the foundation of Master David Goh’s Imperial Feng Shui Practice.

Every year, Master David works directly with the mine owners in Myanmar and Singapore-based gemmologists to identify the finest raw jadeite boulders, reserved for carving Imperial Harvest Jadeites. 99.95% of the raw jadeites boulders are cut and discarded, reserving less than 0.05% of the raw jadeites worthy of Imperial Harvest hallmark quality. 



Every single piece of Fine Jadeite Zhong Kui and Tua Di Ya Pek is assigned to a master craftsman for one entire year of cutting, carving and numerous rounds of fine polishing efforts. 

Before the jadeite is delivered to Imperial Harvest Galleries, it has undergone eight rounds of quality control and tests conducted by Singapore-based gemmologists before it is being issued an independent gemstone certification by Nanyang Gemological Institute. 

2. The most powerful time of the year to do blessings for Zhong Kui and Tua Di Ya Pek

The Seventh Lunar Month is most powerful period of the year to bless the Jadeite Zhong Kui and Tua Di Ya Pek. During this exceptionally auspicious period to bless the Jadeite Zhong Kui and Tua Di Ya Pek, Master David will add additional dosage of extra refined Black Meat Old Mountain Sandalwood Oil to his Imperial Red Vermillion to enhance the indirect wealth luck of our clients.  

The auspicious date will be selected based on the San Yuan Qi Men Tian Xing 三元奇门天星 (a powerful combination of San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia 三元奇门遁甲 and Vedic Astrology 印度占星) and Bazi Auxiliary Star 八字神煞 to ensure alignment of heavenly and earthly energies to bless and empower blessed clients to achieve monumental breakthroughs in indirect wealth. 

3. Raving reviews from many clients over the years 

Since its introduction, many clients have benefited tremendously from the blessings of Fine Jadeite Zhong Kui and Tua Di Ya Pek. 

Zhong Kui is the indirect wealth deity who summons the wealth goblins to bring three different sources of investment income: windfall, trading and investment breakthroughs.

Zhong kui portrait

Fine Jadeite Tua Di Ya Pek is designed to be more powerful than Fine Jadeite Zhong Kui.

Tua Di Ya Pek

Being the grand indirect wealth god, Tua Di Ya Pek is the most closely guarded Feng Shui secret weapon used by our clients working in top proprietary trading companies and investment management companies.

Case studies: 

mr adrian

"After wearing the Fine Jadeite Tua Di Ya Pek, I have achieved +46% ROI in a year! Now I decided to add the Fine Jadeite Zhong Kui to enhance my indirect wealth further"

- Mr Adrian


“After wearing the Fine Jadeite Zhong Kui and Old Mountain Sandalwood Tua Di Ya Pek, I emerged as the top 5% of my organisation and secured DOUBLE the work bonus this year"

- Mr Desmond


"After wearing the Fine Jadeite Tua Di Ya Pek since Sep 2016, my investments returned 22% ROI over the past 1 year. At the same time, I have secured my promotion. Thanks! I would not have achieved my promotions and consistent investments without your advice and recommendation."

- Mr Ng

Testimonials (3) -  sq format Mr K

“I won S$20k in 4D after wearing for 1 month and my brother won S$10k in 4D after wearing Fine Jadeite Zhong Kui for over a week, I am very impressed with the power of Zhong Kui"

– Mr K

Achieve breakthrough success with Fine Jadeite Zhong Kui and Tua Di Ya Pek today. Book a complimentary consultation or contact your Imperial Harvest advisors at +65 91221826 (WhatsApp/SMS/Call) for more information. 

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Imperial Harvest Presents The Bliss of Harvest Collection

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 01 August 2019

Estimated Reading Time: 1 min

Featuring a carefully sculpted Fine Jadeite ring, clasped by two 18k gold rings engraved with the Imperial Harvest logo, Bliss of Harvest has an unprecedented design that brings wealth and abundance to its destined owner.

ring 1 for blog-2 

The Bliss of Harvest collection is inspired by Master David’s visit to the Altar of Heaven, first constructed in 1420 of the Ming Dynasty as the venue for the Ming and Qing emperors to offer sacrifices to the Heaven and pray for abundance of harvest.

Temple of Heaven 

It is the existing largest sacrificing temple in China, which covers an area of 2.7 million square meters, and consists of three main groups of constructions, namely the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, Imperial Vault of Heaven and Circular Mound Altar.

Renowned for its precise outlay, unique architectural structures and decorations, this building was recorded as one World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1998. 

Wearing the Bliss of Harvest ring on different finger yields different benefits.


  • Thumb: leadership and authority in your industry
  • Index finger: career promotion and advancement
  • Middle finger: wealth and investment
  • Ring finger: relationship harmony and romance
  • Little finger: attract benefactors and mentors


Available in colours of your favourable elements 


Experience the beauty of the Bliss of Harvest only at our Flagship Gallery

for blog 2-1

Book a complimentary Bazi consultation to find out more about your favourable element and the Bliss of Harvest collection.

Book A Bazi Consultation

Speak to your prosperity advisor today at +65 91221826. 

Our galleries are located at 402 Orchard Road, Delfi Orchard #02-07 & #02-08, Singapore 238876.

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri, 12pm-8pm, Sat: 10am-6pm, Closed on Sundays.

How to Expand Your Indirect Wealth Capacity This Seventh Month

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 31 July 2019

Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins

The Hungry Ghost Festival originated from the tale of Mulian’s heroic rescue of his mother. According to the legend, Mulian travelled to the underworld to rescue his mother, who had to compete with other hungry ghosts for food. 

Mulian Rescues His Mother

Buddha decided to reward his filial piety by decreeing the 15th day of the 7th lunar month as the official date, when the hungry ghosts would be released from the underworld. As such, the living has a chance to express gratitude to their ancestors through grand feast offerings and entertaining performances.

filial piety

Contrary to popular belief, the Hungry Ghost Month actually celebrates important values like filial piety and gratitude.

The Hungry Ghost Month runs from 1st August to 29th August this year. To celebrate this important festival, we’re honouring the moral values and significance behind this festival with three collections that will boost you indirect wealth and bring you investment, trading and windfall success. 

In this Seventh month special, we’ll be sharing everything you need to know about the Fine Jadeite Zhong Kui, Tua Di Ya Pek and Sandalwood collection.

1. Zhong Kui 

Zhong kui portrait

Zhong Kui is an important cultural symbolism of the seventh lunar month. He is the indirect wealth deity who summons the wealth goblins to bring various sources of indirect wealth, such as windfall, trading and investment success. 

According to legend, Zhong Kui’s mission as the Indirect Wealth God is to enable its destined owner to start afresh, offering them a chance to rebuild their lives and to achieve financial freedom. 

In the design process of the Fine Jadeite Zhong Kui, Master David drew inspirations from traditional Chinese literature to create this classic and powerful Imperial Feng Shui remedy. 

Fine Jadeite Zhong Kui

Three important design features:

  1. Wealth Garnering Sword 钟馗招财剑: the powerful sword wielded by Zhong Kui commands wealth, power and authority for its destined owner.
  2. Indirect Wealth Gold ingot 偏财金元宝: the gold ingot is placed at the foot of Zhong Kui to attract abundance of wealth and opportunities to its destined owner wherever he/she goes.
  3. Wealth Goblins 招财精灵: the wealth goblins protect its destined owner from malefactors and gather wealth and prosperity.

2. Tua Di Ya Pek 

Tua Di Ya Pek

Jadeite Tua Di Ya Pek is designed to be more powerful than Jadeite Zhong Kui. Being the grand indirect wealth god, Tua Di Ya Pek is the most closely guarded Feng Shui secret weapon used by our clients working in top proprietary trading companies and investment management companies.

Fine Jadeite Tua Di Ya Pek

Tua Di Ya Pek - Two deities, double the power 

- Tua Ya Pek brings consistent and long term growth of your financial portfolio.

- Di Ya Pek delivers short & mid term income growth of your financial portfolio. 

For investors and traders who wish to grow their financial portfolio, this is a lifetime luck multiplier to grow your wealth and success.

3. Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Collection 

The Chinese royal family wore sandalwood pendants and beads to enhance their indirect wealth capacity. 

india mysore region

Like every Imperial Harvest treasure, an exceptional level of attention is dedicated to making the sandalwood collection. Imperial Harvest sandalwood originates from the India Mysore region, where the rarest and most expensive sandalwood is harvested. To amplify the indirect wealth energy of our sandalwood collection, the freshly logged sandalwood is stored at the indirect wealth sector of our workshop studio. 

Emperor Qian Long wore India Old Mountain Sandalwood beads to empower himself with wealth and success. The result was a prosperous nation, filled with harmony and prosperity. 

Yellow India Old Mountain Sandalwood

yellow india

Yellow India Old Mountain Sandalwood 印度老山檀香 (黄肉) belongs to the basic tier of the India Old Mountain Sandalwood as it's freshly logged without undergoing the process of fermentation. It's suitable for those seeking to achieve consistent growth in their investment. 

Red India Old Mountain Sandalwood

red india

Red India Old Mountain Sandalwood 印度老山檀香 (红肉) belongs to the premium tier of the India Old Mountain Sandalwood. It's ideal for those seeking to achieve consistently high growth in their investment and trading, and continued accumulation of their financial portfolio without leakage.

Black India Old Mountain Sandalwood

black india

Black India Old Mountain Sandalwood 印度老山檀香(黑肉) is the most prized category of India Old Mountain Sandalwood. It's perfect for those who seek grand wealth and success in their financial portfolio and who are keen to prevent loss of wealth.

Like all Imperial Harvest treasures, the Fine Jadeite Zhong Kui and Tua Di Ya Pek are available in five elemental colours to match your lifetime favourable element. All Imperial Feng Shui remedies will be personally blessed by Master David at an auspicious time and date. 

Book a Bazi consultation to find out how you can achieve financial breakthrough. 

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Ask a Feng Shui Master Anything - Part 1

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 26 July 2019

Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins

Reading and learning about Feng Shui can be an arduous process. Even though Feng Shui has become more readily available on the Internet, they often come from unreliable sources.

>> Read 6 reasons why Feng Shui is not working for you<<

As such, you may find it a challenge to get the exact answers you need. That’s why we’ve started a new Feng Shui advice series, just for you. Every week, Master David will answer any burning questions you have about home or personal Feng Shui. To ask Master David a question, simply fill in the form in the link below. 

Ask Master David 

Question 1:

My new 4-room BTO flat will be ready some time during the 7th month (Hungry Ghost Month), but I heard that it’s unwise to move in during this period as this is an invitation for trouble and bad luck. Is this true? What should I do? - Jesslyn 


This is a very common misconception among Singaporeans. From a young age, many of us have been taught to believe the various unspoken rules and Chinese customs surrounding the Hungry Ghost Month. Above all, we are told that negative consequences will befall us if we fail to abide by them. 

hungry ghost 2

According to Chinese customs, the Hungry Ghost Month is the time when the gates of hell open, allowing the spirits of the dead to roam freely. Moving into a new home or renovating your home will draw the attention of these wandering spirits and result in bad luck. However, this is merely a cultural myth.

ghost house

(P.S. You should be more concerned about annual afflictions instead)

>>Read more about Annual Afflictions here<<

Therefore, it’s perfectly fine if you want to move in or renovate your home during this period. If you are still apprehensive, you can engage a Feng Shui master to select an auspicious date and time for moving in or your renovation. Selecting an auspicious date and time ensures that your important day will proceed without hiccups.

tian di ren (1)

Contrary to popular belief, there are many auspicious dates in each month. The Imperial date selection methods used in Imperial Feng Shui are independent of cultural nuances. The date selection systems are: Heaven 天 - Movement of Planetary Stars, Earth 地 - San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia and Human 人 - Bazi Auxiliary Star.

Question 2:

Why are weddings a taboo during the Hungry Ghost Month? Will bad things happen to me if I get married during this period? - Xinyi 


Couples are usually advised not to get married during this month as many believe the spirits may curse the marriage, causing it to end badly. Some even say that wedding guests may have supernatural encounters!


But like I mentioned above, it’s fine to hold important events during this month - as long as an auspicious date and time is chosen. In fact, you may be pleased to know that wedding banquet packages are generally cheaper during the Hungry Ghost Month!

Question 3:

Can I make any major business decisions during this time of the year? - Adam


It’s a myth that starting a business, signing a big contract or making big decisions on major projects are not advisable as bad luck may befall you, and you’re likely to fail. You shouldn’t let this ‘advice’ jeopardise any money-making opportunity. After all, successful people seize the moment to act on their goals. 

lunar 7 biz

If you do have a business opportunity, download our free monthly Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲) calendar, which you can use to guide your decisions in your business, career, investments and relationships.  

Qi Men Dun Jia is an ancient divination technique developed for and used by the Chinese Emperor and his Imperial advisers. It was originally devised to plan military strategies and tactics and ensure supreme victory in every battle. In modern context, it’s often used by millionaire entrepreneurs, CEOs and business directors to ensure that they have the upper hand. 

Get Your Qi Men Dun Jia

However, if you feel that you haven’t been able to get the right opportunities or achieve your goals despite putting in effort and hard work, you may be going through a bad luck cycle

luck cycle chart


>> Click here to read more the Hard Truth You Need To Know About Success << 

To learn more about your luck cycle and how you can capitalise on it to achieve your next breakthrough, click the button below to book a free consultation:

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black line

Imperial Harvest Anniversary Celebration 2019

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 19 July 2019

More than 150 blessed clients and their friends and families gathered at the prestigious Hilton Singapore on Saturday, 13 July 2019 as part of the celebrations for Imperial Harvest’s anniversary.

We marked the start of the momentous occasion with a performance by the Yangwei Arts & Events Team. The beats of the drums reverberated around the room, enthralling everyone with a synchronised melody.

Imperial harvest anniversary 2019

The emcee of the day was none other than the renowned Joe Augustin, who once entertained audiences on Singapore radio.


To commemorate Imperial Harvest’s anniversary, Master David Goh also launched a range of exquisite jewellery for the Bliss of Harvest collection, which now includes bracelets, pendants and all-new rings. 



At this point in time, our guests have started digging into their scrumptious 7-course luncheon prepared by Hilton Singapore.


The festivities continued with a follow-up by Yangwei Arts & Events Team, who this time wow-ed the audience with a dragon dance performance.


Time for a breather! The emphatic performances soon gave way to a more pacifying duet of erhu and yangqin by Deborah and Anson from Eason Music School. In total, they belted out 8 songs.


Of course, what’s a celebration without some fun and games? We teased the knowledge of our guests with a pop quiz.



But that’s not the end of the prizes galore! Our grand lucky draw saw winners picking up goodies such as dining vouchers, hampers – and a 2D1N Stay at Hilton Singapore for 2!



The winners weren’t the only ones on their feet by the end of the celebration – everyone was rising! Yangwei Arts & Events Team had indeed kept their best for the finale: a spectacular lion dance performance that easily rivalled the rest of the activities on the day.


As our guests leave the event, they were presented with a goodie bag. Among one of the most unique items: a personalised leather keyring imprinted with their names.



Our celebrations would not have been a success without the love and support from all our blessed clients and their friends and families. We were honoured to have been your host for the afternoon, and would like to thank everyone for being part of our journey.


To join our ever-growing Imperial Harvest family, book a complimentary Bazi consultation today. 

Book A Bazi Consultation

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The Secrets of Millionaire Home Feng Shui (Part 10)

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 12 July 2019

Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins 

By now, you should be aware what are the dos and don’ts to creating a millionaire Feng Shui home. However, some may notice that they are not experiencing the full effect of the positive Qi even after applying the principles we have spoken about over the past few weeks. The reason could be due to the activation of annual affliction.

Annual affliction stems from the principle of San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star. Every year, the different affliction/stars move to the different sectors in your home.  It is important to be aware of these annual afflictions as they can cause you and your family harm and misfortunes.

Flying Star Sequence

We will be sharing the annual afflictions you should take note of in 2019. If you are planning to carry out construction, renovations or anything that will create lots of noise, it is important that you read this article to ensure you avoid problems the annual afflictions will bring. 

According to the study of Imperial Feng Shui, there are four types of annual afflictions: 

  • Five Yellow 
  • Three Killings 
  • Tai Sui 
  • Year Breaker 

In 2019, the annual afflictions are located in the following sectors:


  • Five Yellow - South West
  • Three Killings - South West 3, West, North West 1 
  • Tai Sui - North West 3
  • Year Breaker - South East 3 

1. Five Yellow (五黄)

Five Yellow (五黄) is known as the misfortune star. It causes severe illnesses, accidents, financial losses and challenges in your relationships. As the name suggests, this is one of the most inauspicious sectors or directions to avoid. It covers an area of 45 degrees. For the year of 2019, it lands on the South-West sector. 


Important things to note:

  • If the sitting direction of your home is situated in South West, renovation works should be avoided completely. 
  • If South West is the facing direction of your home, renovation and moving in can still happen under the condition that Five Yellow must not be situated at the main door. 

>> Click here to find out where is the facing and sitting direction of your home << 

  • Problems and misfortunes will arise when Five Yellow is situated at the main door, the stove or the bed that has a bad flying star combination.

For example, if your main door is situated at the 7, 7 sector, theft and robbery are likely to occur. 

>> Click here to find out how to plot the Flying Star Chart of your home <<


2. Three Killings (三煞)

The three killings is associated with negative repercussions such as theft, loss of wealth and recurring health problems to members of the family. It covers an area of 90 degrees. 

For the year of 2019, the three following sectors are affected : South West 3, West and North West 1.


The three killings consist of 3 types of Sha Qi: Robbery Sha (劫煞), Calamity Sha (灾煞) and Annual Sha (岁煞). 


Important things to note:

  • If three killings is situated at the sitting direction of your house, renovation should be avoided completely.
  • As the three killings is said to be like a poison arrow, you should avoid sitting with your back faced in this position as it will result in getting back-stabbed.  


3. Tai Sui / Grand Duke Jupiter 


Tai Sui (太岁) is also known as the Grand Duke Jupiter Tai Sui. Its position is signified by the earthly branch (Zodiac sign) of the year.  The locations of the twelve earthly branches are as follows: 


It is important to watch out for affliction with Tai Sui direction as offending it will bring worries, material losses and health issues to the family. It covers an area of 15 degrees. Since 2019 is the year of the pig, the North-West sector will be affected by Tai Sui. 


Important things to note:

  • Avoid construction or renovation if your house has a facing direction of North West. Direct conflict may result in loss of wealth, illnesses, accidents, theft or even death. 
  • Avoid construction or renovation in the North West sector of your house. 
  • You can sit with your back towards North West direction while working but never face it while you are sleeping or working. 


4. Year Breaker (岁破)


The Year Breaker occupies the sector that is directly opposite Tai Sui. This is the South East direction in 2019, covering an area of 15 degrees. The Year Breaker brings about loss of wealth, obstacles and illnesses. 


Important things to note:

  • No construction or renovation should be carried out if the sitting position of your home is situated at the South East direction. If disturbed, this can cause immediate health problems especially for the elderly. 
  • Always face the Year Breaker while sleeping or working. 
  • Never sit or sleep with your back facing this direction as you will be directly facing Tai Sui. 

Master David Goh’s Imperial Date Selection System

If you are living or moving into an affected house that really has a need for construction or renovation, an auspicious date and time should be selected for commencement of work. This will help to reduce the negative effects brought on by the disturbance.  

Master David is well-versed in various Imperial Feng Shui date selection principles. The Imperial date selection method consists of three date selection systems:  

1. Heaven 天 - Movement of Planetary Stars 


2. Earth 地 - San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia 


3. Human 人- Individual Bazi auxiliary stars 


Master David taps on the energy of Heaven 天 (Planetary stars), Earth 地 (San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia) and Human 人 (Bazi auxiliary stars) to select an auspicious date and time for your needs. 


At Imperial Harvest, Master David leverages his three generations of Imperial Feng Shui expertise. His commitment to uphold authentic Imperial Feng Shui practices and attention to detail are the reasons why many clients benefited from his time-tested and proven Imperial Feng Shui line

Want to learn more about your home Feng Shui? Sign up for our home floor plan analysis for SGD 380 below.

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The Secrets of Millionaire Home Feng Shui (Part 9)

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 05 July 2019

Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins 

In our case study last week, we explained how Master David accurately predicted the living conditions of a family of 4 by using the principles of San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star. Today, we will be revealing the Imperial Feng Shui solutions Master David has implemented to help this family successfully achieve breakthroughs in their career, business, academics and relationships. 


As this is a real-life case study, the identities of the clients have been kept confidential. The clients consulted Master David in March 2018. Seeing the severity of the issue, Master David was quick to provide several Imperial Feng Shui solutions that were tailored to fit their needs. Even though it’s only been a few months since the changes were implemented, the family has reported massive improvements in their lives. 

Relationship Issue: 

flying star combination 7, 7

The turbulent relationship between the husband and wife was partly caused by their constant arguments about family finances. 

Root Cause: Main Door has a negative flying star combination of mountain star 7 and water star 7. The clash of two metal elemental stars result in disharmony and conflicts. 

Imperial Feng shui Solution: The main door is one of the most important sectors to consider when it comes to achieving millionaire home Feng Shui formation.  To remedy this inauspicious sector, Master David installed the Imperial White Ink Stone (National Treasure Panda Series) near the main door at an auspicious time and date using the Imperial date selection method. 

Imperial White Inkstone

The Imperial White Ink Stone is one of the most powerful Imperial Feng Shui secrets used by Emperors in ancient China to empower them with important benefactors, power and authority. It has the impressive ability of 一白遮三丑, 一旺挡三煞, meaning that it can promote the auspicious energy of one sector while countering three inauspicious sectors. 

Imperial White Ink Stone

This particular design empowers one with wealth and prosperity, while the bamboo grove symbolises consistent growth and progression. 

Breakthrough results: The husband, who is a business owner, started to see improvement in his sales. He’s closing bigger deals than before, and has clients calling him out of the blue to enquire about the services his company provides - something he has never experienced before meeting Master David. As their family finances improved, there were fewer arguments too. For the first time in years, the married couple could finally hold a conversation without it turning into an argument.  

Health Issue: 

flying star combination 5,9

The toxic combination of the negative flying stars being ill-positioned at the main door and the kitchen resulted in the wife suffering from high blood pressure and other medical complications.

Root Cause: the kitchen stove was located at sector where the flying star combination of mountain star 5 and water star 9 resides. Star 9 is of fire element, while star 5 is of earth metal and symbolic of poison. The inauspicious productive cycle of two negative stars is activated and amplified by the position of the stove. 

Duan Xi Clear Water Ink stone

Imperial Feng Shui Solution: To address the wife’s health issues, the family was also recommended to install the Duan Xi Clearwater Ink Stone. The Duan Xi Clearwater Black Ink Stone is especially effective for countering Sha Qi (杀气). In serious cases, Sha Qi (attacking energy) can affect the occupants’ luck cycle. The prolonged exposure to this negative energy has proven to be damaging to her physical and mental well-being. The Duan Xi Clearwater Black Ink Stone serves to counter major illnesses, calamities and misfortunes. 

Duan xi clearwater inkstone

Breakthrough results: In the one month after the changes were implemented, her sleep quality and high-blood pressure condition have improved tremendously. 

Cash Flow Issues: 

Flying star combination 5,9 and 2,3

The couple residing the bedroom had been experiencing cash flow issues due to difficulties in collecting outstanding payments. 

Root Cause: Door with flying star combination (2,3) , bed with flying star combination (5,9)

Qian long jadeite mountain

Imperial Feng Shui Solution: To enhance benefactor support, wealth luck and overall well-being of the family members, Master David installed the Qian Long Jadeite Mountain at the auspicious sector that resides mountain star 8 and water star 6 within the Master Bedroom. 

Breakthrough results: As mentioned in our case study, the inauspicious flying star combination of the main bedroom door had caused the husband to face difficulty collecting outstanding payments in his business. However, this issue started to dissipate after heeding Master David’s advice to place the Qian Long Jadeite Metal mountain in the main bedroom. 

The metal mountain is one of the most powerful wealth creation features that can bring a tremendous amount of wealth and benefactor support, making it suitable for business owners. 

Academic issue: 

flying star combination 5,9 and 9,5

The eldest son was having a hard time coping with his studies, and had been failing almost every subject. In addition, he was perpetually upset due to a lack of friends. 

Root cause: His bed position sits on mountain star 5 and water star 9, and his study table is arranged such that he will be sitting on the mountain star 5 and water star 9. This particular combination is detrimental for his studies as it causes distraction, poor memory and loss of focus. 


Imperial Feng Shui Solution: To help the elder son achieve massive academic breakthrough, Master David taps on the powerful Greedy Wolf Star 贪狼星 and Literati Star 文曲星 combination to help the elder son improve his attention span, memory and intellectual facility.  After rounds of blessing, Master David installed the Fine Jadeite Confucius.

Breakthrough Results: 6 months later, he saw an incremental jump in his class position from 30 odd to top 10. In addition to his academic achievement, he also saw an improvement in his affinity with benefactors. During his review with Master David, the eldest son remarked that he’s getting along better with his peers. 

Wealth Sectors Activation 

Main Wealth Sector sits on the flying star combination of mountain star 6 and water star 8.  

install wealth sec 1

The most auspicious water star 8 is paired with the powerful mountain star 6; hence, this particular sector produces and gathers the strongest wealth energy. 

Star 8 is of earth element, while Star 6 is of metal element. The self-productive cycle meant endless production of wealth and prosperity. To amplify and activate this sector, Master David applies the Imperial Harvest Clear Quartz Crystal to activate business and wealth breakthroughs. 

Phenomenal results: In a short span of time, the husband won a SGD 100k lottery and secured a SGD 900k business contract. The wife was also offered a promotion within 6 months. 

Secondary wealth sector sits on the flying star combination of mountain star 8 and water star 6.

 jade m install

The most auspicious mountain star 8 is paired with the powerful water star 6. Hence, this particular sector produces indirect wealth support and powerful benefactors. In this area, Master David specifically installs the Qian Long Jadeite Metal Mountain to create the powerful combination of two metal elemental mountains, providing a rare Feng Shui wealth formation known as 双金聚宝盆 (Double Metal Wealth Garnering Pot). This is similar to the Feng Shui formation that has helped Mr Li Ka-Shing achieve his massive fortunes and successes in life. 

Phenomenal results: In the month of February 2019, the husband embarked on trading and has since achieved 300% growth in his investment portfolio. 

black line

Want to learn more about your home Feng Shui? Sign up for our home floor plan analysis for SGD 380 below.

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The Secrets of Millionaire Home Feng Shui (Part 8)

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 28 June 2019

Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins

Application of Imperial Landform Principles and San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Stars 

Over the past two months, we have shared with you the various concepts of Imperial Feng Shui. In this article, we will demonstrate how Imperial Harvest would apply these concepts in a real-life case study.

Step one: Select an apartment that's surrounded by auspicious landform features

3 golden verses copy

External landform plays a pivotal role in helping you garner benefactor support and create million-dollar wealth opportunities, consistent investment returns, family harmony and good health. Find out what are the auspicious landform features you should look out for before purchasing your dream home. 

Download Landform Guide

Step two: Look out external landform Sha Qi 

7 verses (2)

Sha Qi refers to negative Feng Shui or attacking energy. Even though it's invisible, Sha Qi can often make one feel uncomfortable. In more serious cases, Sha Qi can affect your luck cycle, with prolonged exposure to this negative energy being detrimental to your physical and mental well-being. 

Download Sha Qi Guide

Step three: Identifying the missing sector of the house

missing sector2 copy

Click here to

Step four: Understanding the energy chart of the house 

flying star c copy

Click here to

Case Study of a HDB flat 

NOTE: This is a real life case study where identities of the clients have been kept confidential.

Master David’s shockingly accurate predictions left this family dumbfounded as his predictions are consistent with their past experiences.

The household consists of a married couple with two teenage boys living in a 4-room HDB flat. Built in June 1998, it is a Period-7 house (completed between Feb 1984 - Jan 2004). Its facing direction is N2 direction (172.5 - 187.5). 


In the first part of the case study, we will analyse the situations that the occupants have experienced. In the next article, we will discuss the solutions Master David has implemented to improve the well-being, both financial and non-financial, of the family members in the house. 

Main Door Analysis

  • Flying star combination: 7,7

7 7

Analysis: The married couple residing in the house where the main door has a flying star combination (7,7)  have experienced a turbulent relationship with constant arguments about family finances. While living in a house with a double 7,7 main door combination, you will be hard-pressed to find marriages ever lasting.

The relationship between the two brothers was distant due to the lack of communication. They put their friends and social life before family. Finally, it is not advisable to have plants with big leaves in front of the main door as this flying star combination has caused the family to have supernatural encounters. 

Kitchen Analysis

  • Flying star combination: 5,9

5 9

Analysis: The mother has suffered from high blood pressure after living in the house for a prolonged period. This is because the flying star combination is of fire (9) produces negative earth (5) structure. It can also result in other health issues such as heart and eye diseases. Occupants with potential cancer issues coded in their destiny chart (Bazi) are more likely to suffer from cancer due to this flying star combination. 

With bad stove positioning, male occupants are likely to contract venereal diseases and visit brothels. They tend to experience multiple relationship setbacks before getting married and may even be involved in extra-marital affairs.

This can be seen in the couple's turbulent relationship due to the husband's unfaithful behaviours on top of their constant disagreements about family finances.  

Main bedroom 

  • Door of main bedroom: 2,3 

2 3

Analysis: The main bedroom door with a flying star combination of 2,3 has also caused the mother to suffer from chronic abdominal pain. This flying star combination can also result in other abdominal complications such as menstrual pain and even eating disorders.

It is not advisable for the couple to lend money as they may find it a challenge to collect money from others due to the existence of this particular flying star combination. The husband, a business owner, was facing difficulty collecting outstanding payments. 

Star 3 (Lu Chun) combining with Star 2 (Ju Men) can be used to explain the constant fights between the married couple over finances.  

  • Position of bed: 5,9

5 9 bed

Analysis: The mother also suffered from insomnia, which caused her health to decline even further as a result of the bad stove positioning. 

The marital relationship was plagued by quarrels and miscommunication, leading it to exist only in name. Hence, there was reduced sexual intimacy between the husband the wife. 

Bedroom 2: Eldest son 

  • Bed position:  5,9
  • Door position: 9,5
  • Study table: 9,5

elder son (1)

Analysis: The eldest son was having difficulty coping with his studies as examination luck was not always on his side. He entered a relationship and became sexually active at the young age of 15 which further distracted him from his studies. 

He experienced rocky relationships filled with unhappiness and loneliness due to a lack of friends. If he still resides in the same room as an adult, it is not advisable for him to engage in speculative trading activities as it will cause him to suffer sudden and huge investment losses. 

Bedroom 3: Youngest son 

  • Bed position: 1,4 
  • Door position: 4,1 
  • Study table: 4,1

youngest son (1)

Analysis: The flying star combination of star 1 (Tan Lang) and star 4 (Wen Qu) has helped the youngest son to achieve stupendous academic success. This is an extremely auspicious flying star combination for students as it will help them get into top schools and even secure scholarships. 

He has many friends and have various benefactors in his life. As an adult, he will also experience accelerated career progression. This powerful combination will result in him becoming a more disciplined person, leading to a high likelihood of him attaining a leadership position in the army. 

As you can see, the principles of San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star can often explain the seemingly unexplainable. Through the analysis of one’s home floor plan, 3rd generation Imperial Feng Shui Master, Master David Goh, is able to carry out a comprehensive observation and evaluation of the living conditions of its occupants and provide corresponding solutions that are tailored to their problems.

In the next article, Master David will divulge the Imperial Feng Shui secrets of activating the various wealth sectors to help this family achieve massive career, business, investment, academic and relationship breakthroughsblack line

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Imperial Harvest Stories - Ng Hai Kim

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 23 June 2019

Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins 

Imperial Harvest Stories - Ng Hai Kim

When Hai Kim joined his company as an IT Engineer in 2017, his only colleague was his boss. The startup has since grown into nine offices around the region with a IT services division consisting of 40 people.

Today, he leads this team to tackle projects from big brands all over the world. This incredible journey, both in work and in his personal life, has come to be symbolised by his Fine Jadeite Guan Gong – which he got from Imperial Harvest.


Growing up, Hai Kim was always fascinated by technology. 

When he was in school, he'd ask his friends to form a team with with him and take part in robotics competitions. Although they didn't win any prizes, he got to practise and explore different things.

These include programming a robot to navigate its way around cones, put together LEGO bricks and even play basketball. The possibilities were endless. 

“It made me realise that we can do many things, as long as we're using technology in the right way. I try to bring this impact to my work.“ - Hai Kim

For example, last year, Hai Kim and his team worked with a car company to upgrade its technical platform so that it could finally offer all its online services such as test drive bookings and servicing appointments in one place, improving the user experience and meeting the expectations of customers.

For Hai Kim, it was just very satisfying to be able to help make things work. But he credits the success to the combined effort of everyone in the team.

Hai Kim candid

That said, there's a clear distinction between being part of a team and being the leader of a team.

When he joined in 2017, the company took on only small projects because there weren't many like him. So he just did his work – and that's all for his contribution. When the company grew, more and more groups sprouted across the different offices in the region.

“I also undertook a leadership role. When you get to that level, somehow work becomes about many other things. Suddenly, everyone had an opinion about me!“ - Hai Kim

As a leader, Hai Kim wasn't merely expected to be good in his job and lead by example – it also meant being the person who can show his peers a way to get better and keep everyone working together to achieve the same goal.

Needless to say, there was a little bit of pressure. 

Fine Jadeite Guan GongFine Jadeite Guan Gong 

Fortunately, he met Master David Goh. “He was very patient in listening to my problems. He made me aware that I had a choice of who I wanted to open my mind to,“ Hai Kim says.

In the end, he learnt to focus on what he wants to accomplish and to surround himself with only great people to help him fight his battles.

“I think the key here is choice,“ Hai Kim adds. He got the Fine Jadeite Guan Gong, in green to match his favourable Bazi element of wood, when he started working in the company because he believed it could help him in his career.

Mid shot 2

It's a reminder of how he has gone from strength to strength in the company, not just in terms of seeing it become a much larger organisation than it was before, but also in terms of seeing myself come into my own as a leader. 

“Some say I was lucky. But luck is a choice. It’s not something that’s built into your fate – you need to take it for yourself with your own hands.“ - Hai Kim

That's why he decided to pick up my second Imperial Harvest remedy, the Agarwood beads, a year after getting his Fine Jadeite Guan Gong. The Agarwood beads help to maximise his contribution to the company and expand his wealth capacity.

Agarwood BeadsAgarwood Beads

“There’s always a higher aim in life: in what I do, in how technology can help us and what we can achieve. But our choices shape the results we get. I’m glad I made the right choice.“ - Hai Kim

It's our mission to deliver personalised solutions that you can use to achieve your goals and aspirations. Book a free consultation today to find out how you too can create your very own success story.

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The Secrets of Millionaire Home Feng Shui (Part 7)

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 21 June 2019

Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins 

In our previous article, Master David explained how he uses the San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star principle to help his clients achieve million-dollar career and business success. The key to achieving success in our career, business and relationships is to ensure that the mountain and water stars are positioned at the right sector of our homes or offices.

The Mountain star (sitting star) governs benefactor, health and harmony, while the Water star (facing star) governs opportunities, intuition and judgment. When the auspicious mountain and water star sectors are activated according to Imperial Feng Shui principles, occupants will reap the benefits and enjoy tremendous success.

In this article, Master David will share the four Imperial Feng Shui remedies that are used to activate these key sectors and how they've helped many clients achieve their goals.

1. Qian Long Jadeite Mountain

QL Mount copy

As mentioned in part 1 of this series, the Qian Long Jadeite Mountain was created by Emperor Qian Long’s team of Imperial Feng Shui masters to overcome the challenges of building the Imperial palace near an auspicious landform such as the metal elemental mountain.

The importance of auspicious landform Feng Shui is further proven in the case study of Hong Kong’s wealthiest man, Li Ka-shing. His residence was carefully constructed to said principles, so much so that it took 7 painstaking years to be completed.

lee kashing hills

While it's impossible to be surrounded by such auspicious landform features as we live in an urban city such as Singapore, Master David’s utmost dedication to his clients is reflected in the launch of Imperial Harvest Qian Long Jadeite Mountain. The Qian Long Jadeite Mountain is the result of 4 years of intensive research and development to ensure our clients enjoy the same quality of Imperial Feng Shui remedy that Emperor Qian Long once used.

jadeite mountain copy

If you are a business or home owner, this is an essential collection which empowers you with grand benefactor and wealth luck. Master David has specially designed three types of mountains based on Metal, Wood and Earth element.

auspicious mounts

  • Metal mountain empowers you with massive amount of career, business and investment wealth.
  • Wood mountain provides strategic business and career inspirations and academic breakthrough
  • Earth mountain empowers you with strategic benefactors to help you rise to the top of the corporate ladder.

To usher in maximum prosperity, Master David will personally select the auspicious mountain star position at your home or office and install the Qian Long Jadeite Mountain at an auspicious time and date using the Imperial date selection method. 

tian di ren

The Imperial date selection method consists of three date selection systems: 

  • Heaven 天 - Movement of Planetary Stars 

planetary stars

  • Earth 地 - San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia 


  • Human 人- Individual Bazi auxiliary stars 

bazi aux

2. Imperial Harvest Crystal Collection

Water star position governs wealth, opportunities and intuition (山管人丁,水管财)

mount water

Based on Imperial Feng Shui principles, Imperial Harvest-grade Crystal is the authentic method rooted to activate the water star position to usher in wealth and prosperity.

Myth: The setup of water features is often recommended to activate wealth sectors. The rationale behind using a water feature is that water represents wealth. However, water features were never found in the Imperial Court, the emperor's study room or anywhere in the forbidden palace. Classical Feng Shui masters have misinterpreted the meaning of the water star in the San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star and conveniently misused such modern solutions to their advantage.

ql room (2)

The Imperial Harvest Crystal Collection plays a vital role in helping you adjust and enhance Qi in your surroundings.

smoky quartz

clear quartz

Placing this remedy in the auspicious water star position will empower you with inspiration and opportunities to bring you and your family abundance of wealth and prosperity.

well of prosperity

Using the crystal collection to activate the auspicious water star position can bring in wealth and windfall luck, making it suitable for business owners and sales professionals.

3. Imperial White Ink Stone

white inkstone copy

The Imperial White Ink Stone has the powerful ability of "一白遮三丑, 一旺挡三煞". It can promote the auspicious energy of one sector while countering three inauspicious sectors. At the same time, it can empower occupants with benefactors, power and authority.

The Imperial White Ink Stone was strictly reserved for Chinese emperors due to its immense fengshui prowess, bringing Emperor Qian Long important benefactors, power and authority. As a result, the Chinese enjoyed an extended era of peace and prosperity under his rule.

Every Imperial Harvest White Ink Stone is finished by hand by a dedicated, trained specialist, with skills passed down through generations.

  • National Treasure (Panda)


This collection features three unique Imperial White Ink Stone (perfect white quality), each hand-engraved with Panda and Bamboo.

Panda is a traditional emblem of immense wealth and prosperity, while bamboo groves symbolise consistent growth and progression.

  • Leaping over Dragon Gate


Leaping over the Dragon Gate collection draws inspiration from the Chinese idiom 鱼跃龙门, which refers to the phenomenal rise to stratospheric success. Master David depicts the profound idiom in a simple and elegant motif of a Dragon Fish, a mythical creature which symbolises immense amount of fortune, power and authority.

  • Imperial Dragon

ID white

Dragon is a traditional royal emblem and the king of mythical creatures. Dragon brings wealth, prosperity, authority and longevity. The dragon depicted in Master David’s design has five claws, designated for use by the Son of Heaven / Chinese Emperor only, while the four-clawed version was used by the princes and nobles.

4.  Duan Xi Clearwater Ink Stone

black instone copy

For centuries now, Duan Xi Clearwater Black Ink Stones have been regarded as one of the finest ink stones of all. Master David commissions the finest artisans to engrave his signature designs. The process of creating a Duan Xi Clearwater Black Ink Stone is so intricate and tedious that in 2008, the craftsmanship was inscribed on the country’s second list of national intangible cultural heritages.

In the study of Imperial Feng Shui, there’s a saying: “端溪静水砚台,一台化一煞”. It's known that Duan Xi Clearwater Black Ink Stone is especially effective for countering Sha Qi (杀气). In serious cases, Sha Qi (attacking energy) can affect your luck cycle. The prolonged exposure to this negative energy can be detrimental to your physical and mental well-being.

The Duan Xi Clearwater Black Ink Stone serves to counter major illnesses, calamities and misfortunes. In addition, it can turn these negative energy into indirect wealth – maximising your investment and trading profits.

black line

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