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5 Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 3 May 2019

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Mothers are incredibly special. They’ve been with us from the very beginning, and have loved us through it all. Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation for all that she has done.

She deserves the best and we know that you want to celebrate how much she means to you with a gift that's as special as she is.

Finding the perfect gift can be an overwhelming task. To help you, we have gathered the best gift ideas for the leading ladies in your life.

1. Imperial Tiara Ring 

brown tiara purple bg

The Imperial Tiara Ring pays homage to Wu Zetian, the first and only female emperor in ancient China. At a time when aristocrat men were the only respected voice, her rise to authority in a patriarchy society elevated the status of women.

lav tiara purple bg (1)

Orchestrated from 18K rose gold and rivers of brilliantly carved diamonds - and crowned with a timeless tear-drop grade-A jadeite, the Imperial Tiara Ring is a cut above the rest.

green tiara purple bg

A symbol of the contemporary woman, ambitious and determined to fulfil her dreams but never giving up on her elegance and true feminine side, the Imperial Tiara ring makes the perfect gift for the queen in your life.

2. The Bliss of Harvest Bracelet


The Bliss of Harvest collection is inspired by Master David’s visit to the Altar of Heaven, first constructed in 1420 of the Ming Dynasty as the venue for the Ming and Qing emperors to offer sacrifices to the Heaven and pray for abundance of harvest.


Each Bliss of Harvest bracelet is born from the centre of a jadeite boulder, where only the most impeccable jadeite resides.

It’s then meticulously sculpted by the skillful hands of our master artisans, who have over 30 years of experience. Finally, each Bliss of Harvest bracelet goes through two weeks of polishing to ensure an exquisite finish. In total, each bracelet takes a month to create.

BOH model shot

Minimalist and refined, each Bliss of Harvest bracelet is an everlasting treasure that ushers in wealth and abundance.

3. Fine Jadeite Cabochon

Imperial Harvest Jadeite Cabochon is made from only the finest Grade-A Jadeite found in Myanmar. With his penchant for the exquisite, Master David believes that nothing can replace the trustful hands of a master craftsman, so every Jadeite Cabochon is carved to strict details and perfection.

This is the perfect gift for moms who value elegance and simplicity. A true classic that stands the test of time, the fine jadeite cabochon is available for customisation.

4. The Hulu Collection 

Ig set 2_a

For centuries, the Hulu has been an iconic symbol of good health, longevity, prosperity and abundance of blessings in the Chinese culture.

ig set 2_b-1

Master David has reimagined this traditional icon into an intricate collection. Combining the auspicious energy of the jadeite and symbolism of this design, this collection is a true symbol of longevity and prosperity. 


Encrusted with 18K yellow gold and natural rubies, the Hulu bangle collection is the perfect way to deliver these meaningful blessings to the beloved women in your life. 

5. Qian Long Jadeite Mountain 

In the closely guarded texts of Imperial Fengshui, mountains govern the benefactor, harmony and health.

This is the reason why Imperial Fengshui masters placed the Jadeite Mountains in his Chinese palaces to help Emperor Qian Long to amplify his benefactors’ support, health and relationship harmony.

The result: Emperor Qian Long is said to lead a prosperous, healthy and harmonious life, supported by many talented and honourable government officials. 

metal mountain

The metal mountain is the most powerful and auspicious landform feature that bring wealth and prosperity.

jadeite mountain

The Jadeite Mountain is one of Emperor Qian Long's best kept secrets. 

This gift will not only benefit the superwomen in your life as occupants in the household can enjoy its blessings too.

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We hope you have found this gift guide helpful. Our prosperity advisors are happy to help if you need assistance selecting the perfect gift. Book a consultation to learn more or contact us at +65 9122 1826 (WhatsApp/SMS/Call) for more information.

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