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Is There a 'Limit' to Good Luck?

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 27 November 2018

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Good LuckIt’s an age-old question that many of our clients have been asking. After experiencing an upturn in fortunes with an Imperial Feng Shui remedy, they’re eager to further improve their luck. But how much luck is enough luck? Can you really be luckier than lucky? Like the solutions to many of life’s most perplexing questions, the answer is … it depends.

It depends on your wealth capacity. In other words, it’s the amount of wealth you’re able to amass in your lifetime. Besides luck, wealth capacity makes up the other part of your destiny, so you can imagine why you need both good luck and a large wealth capacity in order to be truly successful.

Is Your Wealth Capacity Big Enough?

Wealth Capacity

Consider what happens when you pour a bucket of water into a cup. It’s no surprise that it won’t turn out well. As you’d have guessed, when you have a small wealth capacity, you’ll be able to hold only a cupful of luck. The rest of your luck ends up spilled around the cup. This is the reason why some people keep running into plateaus or bottlenecks in their lives.

Simply put, it’s not that they don’t have good luck – it’s just that they cannot possibly accept any more luck in their lives!  Worse still, the symptoms of a small wealth capacity may not be obvious. While the good luck you enjoy may bring you financial stability and a smooth-sailing life, you run the risk of missing out on huge opportunities and powerful benefactors, who are crucial in taking your wealth to the next level.

Upsize Your Wealth Capacity

Sandalwood Agarwood-1

At Imperial Harvest, we’ve crafted exquisite Sandalwood and Agarwood beads for the specific purpose of expanding your wealth capacity. Our Sandalwood beads expand your indirect wealth capacity – suitable for maximising your investment and trading returns. On the other hand, our Agarwood beads expand your direct wealth capacity – perfect if you want to reach your full potential in your career or business.

9 of 10 of our clients who have an Imperial Feng Shui remedy have also decided to pair it with our Sandalwood or Agarwood beads, so they can remove the limit to their good luck and achieve maximum wealth. After all, the most successful people in the world, such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Jack Ma, typically have both good luck and massive wealth capacities.

To get a free diagnosis on your wealth capacity and find ways to expand it, book a 1-to-1 Bazi consultation with us today.

Upsize My Wealth Capacity

Don’t let your wealth capacity withhold your financial goals and ambitions.

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