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Why You Need the Imperial White Inkstone

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 18 December 2018

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Origin of Imperial White Inkstone

Imperial White Inkstone was used exclusively by Emperor Qian Long to bring grand benefactor, victories and success. Not even the Prime Minister or members of royal family members were allowed to use it.

Emperor Qian Long-1

Emperor Qian Long, an important advocate of Imperial Fengshui, grounded the specially concocted red vermillion on the Imperial White Inkstone before he reviewed the daily affairs of states at the Imperial Court. Upon reviewing the state document, he would use the red vermillion to make important decisions on state documents.


The Imperial Inkstone empowered emperors like Qian Long with important benefactors, power and authority to achieve his objectives.

Imperial White Inkstone – Crème de crème of inkstones

There are many categories of inkstone: grey, green, purple, black and white. The top two tiers of inkstones are black and white inkstones.

Only 0.02% of the inkstones in the world are Imperial White Inkstones. 

Only Chinese emperors were allowed to use the Imperial White Inkstones given its immense fengshui prowess, while black inkstones were available to important subjects and royal family members.

Imperial White Inkstones are ideal for supreme wealth (both direct and indirect), benefactors and victories.

Imperial Harvest Touch: The Irreplaceable Skill of Hand-Finishing

Every Imperial Harvest Treasure is finished by hand by a dedicated, trained specialist, with skills passed down through generations.


Imperial White Inkstone is the finest inkstone traditionally used by Chinese Emperors. Master David commissions the finest artisans to engrave his signature designs.

It is a time-consuming process – it can take more than a month to decorate the Imperial White Inkstone.

Engraving creates exquisite swooping lines and a play on light and shadows - a design inspired by the artwork of Master David. In addition to artistic flair, it requires immense amount of dexterity to accomplish.

Master David sketches his subject and all complex motifs. Once satisfied with the design, he works with the engraver to use both burin and graver.

The sharp tools penetrate the Imperial White Inkstone, tracing a line or a curve with furrows of varying depth. The engraver transfers his detailing guiding lines to the waiting surface. The precision requires the use of a binocular microscope and extreme concentration. The result is the stunning Imperial White Inkstone, befitting of the Imperial Harvest brand.


Polishing is one of the most important finishing techniques. It accentuates the shape of Imperial White Inkstone, highlighting each distinctive part of the engraved designs into a unified whole.

Polishing at Imperial Harvest is always done by hand using the free-floating technique. The ultra-fine technique is done without pressure, and is particularly difficult, but it produces a smooth, damage-free surface.

The polisher uses a series of different materials like fabric and felt, each gently coated with a mild abrasive paste. Polishing is a careful and time-intensive work. An Imperial White Inkstone takes more than a month to polish.

Design of Imperial White Inkstones

1. National Treasure (Panda)

The collection features three unique Imperial White Inkstone (perfect white quality), each hand-engraved with Panda and Bamboo.  

Panda is a traditional emblem of immense wealth and prosperity, while bamboo groves symbolise consistent growth and progression. 


Royal Panda Collection Ref 6030


Royal Panda Collection Ref 6050


Royal Panda Collection Ref 6020

2. Leaping over Dragon Gate

Leaping over Dragon Gate collection draws inspiration from the Chinese idiom 鱼跃龙门, which refers to the phenomenal rise to stratospheric success. Master David depicts the profound idiom in a simple and elegant motif of a Dragon Fish, a mythical creature which symbolises immense amount of fortune, power and authority.


Leaping over Dragon Gate Collection Ref 3020


Leaping over Dragon Gate Collection Ref 3050

3. Imperial Dragon

Dragon is a traditional royal emblem, and the king of mythical creatures. Dragon brings wealth, prosperity, authority and longevity. The dragon depicted in Master David’s design has five claws, designated for use by the Son of Heaven / Chinese Emperor only, while the four clawed version was used by the princes and nobles.


Imperial Dragon Collection Ref 4050


Imperial Dragon Collection Ref 4020

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In the next article, Master David will share with you the benefits of the Imperial White Inkstone in application of Imperial Fengshui. 

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