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Imperial Harvest Stories - Ng Hai Kim

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 23 June 2019

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Imperial Harvest Stories - Ng Hai Kim

When Hai Kim joined his company as an IT Engineer in 2017, his only colleague was his boss. The startup has since grown into nine offices around the region with a IT services division consisting of 40 people.

Today, he leads this team to tackle projects from big brands all over the world. This incredible journey, both in work and in his personal life, has come to be symbolised by his Fine Jadeite Guan Gong – which he got from Imperial Harvest.


Growing up, Hai Kim was always fascinated by technology. 

When he was in school, he'd ask his friends to form a team with with him and take part in robotics competitions. Although they didn't win any prizes, he got to practise and explore different things.

These include programming a robot to navigate its way around cones, put together LEGO bricks and even play basketball. The possibilities were endless. 

“It made me realise that we can do many things, as long as we're using technology in the right way. I try to bring this impact to my work.“ - Hai Kim

For example, last year, Hai Kim and his team worked with a car company to upgrade its technical platform so that it could finally offer all its online services such as test drive bookings and servicing appointments in one place, improving the user experience and meeting the expectations of customers.

For Hai Kim, it was just very satisfying to be able to help make things work. But he credits the success to the combined effort of everyone in the team.

Hai Kim candid

That said, there's a clear distinction between being part of a team and being the leader of a team.

When he joined in 2017, the company took on only small projects because there weren't many like him. So he just did his work – and that's all for his contribution. When the company grew, more and more groups sprouted across the different offices in the region.

“I also undertook a leadership role. When you get to that level, somehow work becomes about many other things. Suddenly, everyone had an opinion about me!“ - Hai Kim

As a leader, Hai Kim wasn't merely expected to be good in his job and lead by example – it also meant being the person who can show his peers a way to get better and keep everyone working together to achieve the same goal.

Needless to say, there was a little bit of pressure. 

Fine Jadeite Guan GongFine Jadeite Guan Gong 

Fortunately, he met Master David Goh. “He was very patient in listening to my problems. He made me aware that I had a choice of who I wanted to open my mind to,“ Hai Kim says.

In the end, he learnt to focus on what he wants to accomplish and to surround himself with only great people to help him fight his battles.

“I think the key here is choice,“ Hai Kim adds. He got the Fine Jadeite Guan Gong, in green to match his favourable Bazi element of wood, when he started working in the company because he believed it could help him in his career.

Mid shot 2

It's a reminder of how he has gone from strength to strength in the company, not just in terms of seeing it become a much larger organisation than it was before, but also in terms of seeing myself come into my own as a leader. 

“Some say I was lucky. But luck is a choice. It’s not something that’s built into your fate – you need to take it for yourself with your own hands.“ - Hai Kim

That's why he decided to pick up my second Imperial Harvest remedy, the Agarwood beads, a year after getting his Fine Jadeite Guan Gong. The Agarwood beads help to maximise his contribution to the company and expand his wealth capacity.

Agarwood BeadsAgarwood Beads

“There’s always a higher aim in life: in what I do, in how technology can help us and what we can achieve. But our choices shape the results we get. I’m glad I made the right choice.“ - Hai Kim

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