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Imperial Harvest Stories - Louise Woo

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 30 January 2019

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Big things can happen in three years. Just ask Louise, a blessed client of Imperial Harvest since 2016. 

Imperial Harvest Stories - Louise, Financial Advisor


Three years ago, Louise was an employee in a logistics firm where she faced the constant challenge of working with uncooperative colleagues which impeded her productivity. She was also frustrated due to the lack of appreciation by her superiors. Tired of her struggles, she decided that it was time to take action to create a better future. 

"That was when I chanced upon Imperial Harvest and decided to take the chance to consult Master David to see what kind of changes I can make for my future" -Louise

Louise consulted Master David, and was recommended the Lavender Jadeite God of Wealth based on her favourable element and aspirations. 


The Turning Point

After wearing the Jadeite God of Wealth, she began to experience positive changes at work. She met better superiors and finally received the recognition she deserved. Convinced by the results, she engaged Master David to conduct a Feng Shui audit for her new home. At the same time, she acquired the Imperial Harvest Agarwood and Sandalwood beads bracelet and two exquisite fine jadeite rings to expand her wealth capacity.


How Imperial Feng Shui impacted her family

During the home Feng Shui audit session, Master David gave advice on how to increase the flow of good "Qi" (Energy) in her new home, especially for her daughter's study room, which can help her focus better and learn more efficiently. 

Since moving into her new home, Louise's daughter has shown great improvement in her studies and exceeded her expectation. 


"I got the Fine Jadeite Confucius for my daughter as she was not concentrating well at school. The combination of the jadeite remedy and getting my daughter to study in the right sector pointed out by Master David has helped her make it to express stream" - Louise

Consistent improvement 

Six months later, Louise not only scored a promotion but received multiple job opportunities. One of which was a financial advisor position. After seeking Master David's advice, she decided to take the leap of faith and accepted the job offer.

One month into her new job, she achieved her first five-figure income - an unprecedented breakthrough in her career. 


"One month into my new job, I earned my first five-figure income. After seeing the result, I am full of confidence for my future" - Louise 

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