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Imperial Harvest Stories - Lin Yi Xiu

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 4 March 2019

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Lin Yi Xiu

Yi Xiu had barely 2 years of experience in a business development role when she joined a Japanese F&B company as a manager. Her company had wanted someone with verve to bring it forward in the new age. But being a young manager in her 20s meant she had to first overcome the challenge of winning the trust of her more senior subordinates.

So she visited Imperial Harvest and got herself a Fine Jadeite God of Wealth, which she came to see as a measurement of her success today as a respected leader in her job.


Despite her inexperience, she was offered the position of Business Development Manager. This is almost unheard of in a Japanese corporate culture where employees usually take years before they are given a chance to take on a junior management post. She felt that her career was making great progress and her hard work in her previous role had finally paid off. 

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"But I think, most importantly, you have to work hard in every way that you can and seize the good opportunities that come along because nothing will improve if you don’t try." - Yi Xiu 

She couldn't help but feel a sense of unease about her new role. After all, it was her first time being a manager. 

True to her fears, her subordinates, who were more senior than her, became jealous of her role and were reluctant to follow her instructions. She could not command their respect, making it a challenge to lead the team. 

As much as she thought she could tide over this difficult period with a can-do mindset, this problem did not go unnoticed by her bosses as she was not appraised fairly for the effort she has put in. 

"I had arrived at that point where my career was out of my control because there were unseen factors hindering my progress." - Yi Xiu 

Coming from a family where hard work and focus are valued, Yi Xiu has never been a superstitious person. However, Master David was able to retell her life events which assured her to put her trust in him and abolished any skepticism she had. 

She was prescribed the Fine Jadeite God of Wealth pendant, in yellow to match her favourable Bazi element, and subsequently the Agarwood bracelet. These remedies helped to forge a new path in her career. 


Soon after, Yi Xiu was getting more recognition by her bosses and even received a salary increment of more than 10%. She was even given the chance to travel to Japan and represented the company on NHK World.

"A Singaporean as the face of a Japanese company on Japanese TV? That was a huge deal and a vote of confidence in me by my bosses." - Yi Xiu 

To Yi Xiu, the fondest memories in her career are the moments where she have her Fine Jadeite God of Wealth and Agarwood bracelet on, as they have become a part of how she has succeeded in turning her career around and how far she has come.  

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"I think you just got to go for it – believe in your remedies, and believe in yourself because we all deserve a better life." - Yi Xiu

To learn how you too can achieve a better life, book a complimentary Bazi consultation today.  

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