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Imperial Harvest Stories - Johnson Ng

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 26 May 2019

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Johnson Ng

Johnson started his career in real estate in 2017. By 2018, he had become one of his organisation's top achievers, recording million-dollar deals that put him in the elite bracket of the 15% highest-performing agents. 

In the midst of his skyrocketing success is his Fine Jadeite Guan Gong, which he bought from Imperial Harvest to bless his career. It has brought him a huge amount of luck with clients – along with a few surprises. 


Before joining real estate, he was in banking for several years.

“I know how much effort it takes to build and maintain a connection with a client. Let's put it this way: it's like being in a relationship!“ - Johnson

“It's hours, days or months between you and your client to try to understand his or her experiences and what he or she wants and likes,“ he adds. It's through this back and forth that chemistry is created over time. 

Despite these challenges, Johnson has always enjoyed being around people, listening to their stories and interacting with them. When the opportunity to become a real estate agent came up, he didn't hesitate.

But what he didn't prepare for was the rejection.

“When you're asking someone to spend six figures - sometimes seven figures - people immediately put up barriers against you.“ - Johnson

Apart from commercial properties, Johnson tries to focus on selling private homes such as duplexes and bungalows. These larger spaces tend to fetch higher values, but at the same time, they usually carry a rich heritage from their previous owners. But that doesn't mean these properties are any easier to sell.

“I remember showing this lady around a bungalow, which had a garden teeming with herbs and spices in the backyard. She's an avid cook, and was really attracted to it. We ended up having a long conversation about the garden.“

Unfortunately, Johnson didn't clinch the deal. Although he had shown her the full nine yards and thought they hit it off quite well, the client ultimately declined the deal as it just “didn't feel right“ for her. He wasn't sure what had gone wrong.

So he consulted a friend. That was when he was introduced to Master David Goh. His friend had benefitted from his advice and suggested giving him a try.

Johnson Guan Gong

As Johnson wasn't a huge believer of metaphysics, he was a little skeptical when Master David asked for his birth date and birth time. However, his impression of him quickly changed. Master David was able to deduce the challenges that he had been facing after analysing his Bazi chart. 

“The whole consultation was conducted in a very professional manner. I think that was why I trusted his recommendation of the Fine Jadeite Guan Gong, in lavender to match my favourable Bazi element. He promised that it'll help clients to be more open to listen to what I have to say.“ - Johnson

True enough, in the same month that he started wearing his remedy, Johnson managed to earn his first 5-figure commission. Many deals were falling in the right place for him, and his Fine Jadeite Guan Gong was a witness to that timely stroke of luck.

One day, he was having dinner when, out of the blue, a client called him, “Hi Johnson! I found you, and I have a property that I'm interested in selling. Would you be interested to help me?“ He was taken aback that his remedy actually works!

Johnson mid picture

Today, Johnson's perception of what it means to build a connection with people has changed. Of course, developing that strong chemistry with a client to get a sale remains at the centre of his job. But he tries to repay his luck each day by also mentoring new agents and guiding them to achieve their sales goals.

gg_j (2)

“You could say that my Fine Jadeite Guan Gong has become a very personal possession because it hasn't just transformed my career luck - it has also made me strive to become a more connected person to everyone around me.“ - Johnson

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