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Imperial Harvest Stories - Joan

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 6 January 2021

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2020 was a challenging year for many people, especially for sales professionals. The global pandemic had affected their deal pipelines and sales momentum for the whole year.

But Joan, who is a Medical Sales Executive, was quick to spot a silver lining in the cloud. During the circuit breaker period in May 2020, Joan decided to create her destiny with Imperial Harvest after reading many positive reviews.

In the past, she had consulted various classical Feng Shui masters to read her fortune. They commonly advised her to lay low and avoid taking risks or pursuing any investment, citing her bad luck as the main factor. As a result, Joan missed many big opportunities to advance in her career.

At Imperial Harvest, Joan met our senior consultant, Miss Erika Liew.

“Erika is very knowledgeable and patient in explaining how Imperial Feng Shui can help me achieve my ambitious sales targets.” - Joan

Upon learning about her goals and aspirations, Erika analysed Joan’s Bazi chart to decipher her favourable elements and auspicious colours. 

She subsequently acquired her first Imperial Harvest treasure, the Fine Lavender Jadeite Midas Touch, in a bid to boost her benefactor luck and make a breakthrough in her sales.

01.06_IH Stories_Joan_MidasTouch

Soon after wearing her Fine Lavender Jadeite Midas Touch, Joan managed to achieve her ambitious sales target despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

This was due to a significant improvement in her benefactor luck. Sales had come through smoothly without any obstacle or challenge, while many doctors also appraised her positively.

The biggest surprise came in November 2020 when her company decided to reward her with a promotion and sizable salary increment even though she had been with her company for less than a year.

During this same period, Joan started dabbling in trading and investments. Despite the turbulent financial markets, she saw a healthy growth in her investment portfolio and gained very consistent returns.

It is as if the Jadeite Midas Touch is guiding me to make the right decision at the right place and the right time.” - Joan 

Most recently, Joan decided to take the next step in her success journey by acquiring the 3rd Generation Bliss of Harvest Jadeite Ring, inspired by the 600 years anniversary of the Temple of Heaven, to further enhance her benefactor and career luck.

01.06_IH Stories_Joan_BOH Ring

“I am excited for the opportunities that lie ahead of me in 2021 and I look forward to another year of growth and success with Imperial Harvest and Master David.” - Joan

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