How To Ace A Job Interview - 5 Useful Tips

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 16 April 2019

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You can never be too prepared when it comes to attending a job interview. Whether you're a fresh graduate or an experienced interviewee, taking the time to prepare for your interview is half the battle won as far as securing the job is concerned.

Here are five interview preparation tips that can help you get the job that you've always dreamt of.

1. Do your research


Before your interview, it's crucial to spend some time reading about the company – your goal is to find out as much as you can. This will help you answer popular interview questions such as “What do you know about us?” and “What do you think about the company?”. At the same time, you can ask the interviewer intelligent questions about the company.

Showing your interviewer that you've done your homework and being able to adapt your answers in a way that's relevant are both major plus points to have.  

2. Study the job description


Go through the job description and think about how your experience and skills that can help you excel in this job.

Dig into your past experience and think of tangible examples that you can use to support the fact that you're great at doing what you do – e.g. the time you overcame a similar challenge or a particular success you had which can be relevant in this new role.

By doing so, you’ll be ready when your interviewer asks you to describe a time when you demonstrated a particular skill or ability.  

3. Practise, practise, practise!


Have a list of questions that are frequently asked during a job interview and prepare the answers. It’s important to come up with your complete answers and practise saying those answers out loud  doing so makes a great difference! It can help calm your nerves and increase your confidence in front of your interviewer.

4. Think like a consultant


Put yourself in the shoes of a consultant and imagine that you’re in a meeting with a client. Explain your expertise, understand the scope of work and talk about how you’d handle and solve these problems.

The more you can think of an interview as a collaborative business meeting, the less nervous you’ll appear.

5. Create your own luck 


If you have been consistently putting in the hard work, have the right skills and abilities, yet still haven’t successfully score the job of your dreams.. The missing ingredient may just be good luck.

The role of luck in achieving success is often underplayed as we often attribute success to personal qualities. We tend to miss out external factors that are beyond our control: having good luck.

Good luck refers to being at the right place, at the right time, meeting the right people and getting the right opportunity. These circumstances set us up for success.

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