Can You Earn More By 'Being Your Own Boss'?

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 4 October 2018

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When I was younger, my parents used to tell me: “Study hard, get good results, so you can go to a good school and get a good job.”

After all, which parent doesn’t want the best for their child?

But the idea of staring into the computer screen from 9am to 6pm every day has never appealed to me.

Not to mention getting a fixed salary every month – even if you do a lot of work!

So after a few years of being a cubicle rat, I decided to quit my job to strike it out on my own!

Insurance Agent

I became an insurance agent.

You know how being an insurance agent works … the harder you work, the more money you earn, right?

At first, the money was easy.      

I sold to my relatives and friends.

Then to my boyfriend’s sister, then to my friend’s friend, then to my ex-classmates … well, you get the idea.

But it wasn’t long before my leads dried up – and my income became stagnant.

I started going door to door.

This is how my typical weekday schedule looked like:


As you can see, I was working long hours, more so than in a normal 9-to-6 job.

To add to that, my weekends were usually burnt meeting clients because that’s the only time when most people are free!

But let’s be honest. Not all hard work actually leads to closed deals.

On average, of every 10 prospects I met, I could close only 2 of them.

Maybe I wasn’t persuasive enough … maybe I wasn’t selling to the right type of people … or maybe people just didn’t ‘like my face’.

Let Your Luck Work Harder For You

Miss Tan-1

Hearing our client’s story, one of the areas that we focused on during her Bazi consultation at Imperial Harvest was how she could improve her luck. 

Every person is born with a unique luck cycle.

If you’re at a low point of your luck cycle, there’s little more you can do to improve your situation except wait out your low point …

At least that’s what most Bazi masters will tell you.

But we believe every low point can be remedied by wearing the right Jadeite.

With your very own personalised Jadeite blessed by Master David Goh according to your favourable Bazi element and sales goals …

You can bring out your ‘luck-adjusting’ energy and start attracting more prospects who are ready to listen to and buy from you.

As a result of closing more deals in the same number of hours, it’s no wonder Miss Tan can today afford to work less, yet earn more money than she did before.

She even managed to clinch the top rookie award for July!

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At Imperial Harvest, we don’t just want to help you understand your luck …

We also want to help you change or improve it.

So whether you chose to become an insurance agent to increase your income …

Or have more flexible (and shorter) working hours, we have you covered.

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