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Business God of Wealth - Guan Gong

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 3 July 2020

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Guan Gong is widely known and worshipped as the Business God of Wealth - ideal for those who are looking for massive sales breakthroughs in their business and career, attracting and closing multi-million dollar sales opportunities and gaining powerful referrals from benefactors. Since its inception, it has helped many business owners, property agents and insurance agents emerge as top producers in their respective industries.

In this article, Master David explains why Imperial Harvest’s Guan Gong is carved with the most powerful manifestation of Guan Gong - Guan Gong riding on Champion Stallion. 

Imperial Harvest Jadeite Guan Gong  


The Champion Stallion 千里马, the horse that Guan Gong rides on, is no ordinary stallion. It is an exceptional breed of horse that can travel a thousand miles a day, enabling your business and sales to grow by a thousand miles a day (一日千里). 


Hence this is why this particular manifestation has helped many business owners and sales professionals realise their dreams to become the top producers in their respective fields.

Green Dragon Sabre 青龙偃月刀, weighing at 42 kg - it is the heaviest weapon ever welded by an army general. This is the same sabre responsible for helping Guan Gong overcome five most challenging cities' defence and kill six most powerful generals of their times (过五关,斩六将), enabling business and sales professionals to eliminate stiff competition, obstacles and challenges and emerge victorious in the closing of every sale. 

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Guan Gong - a symbol of unity and loyalty. The mark of a successful business owner and sales professional is the ability to duplicate themselves and attract talented “sharks” to join their “A” team. Every business owner and sales professional’s eventual dream is to build a powerful engine of self-sustaining growth that gives them passive income. 

This is the secret why Imperial Harvest Jadeite Guan Gong has helped many business owners achieve million-dollar success in their business endeavours and has produced many top performers in their respective industries. 

Superlative Imperial Harvest Testing and Certification 

Only 0.02% of the world’s jadeites made it to the galleries of Imperial Harvest. Every Imperial Harvest jadeite takes between eight to twelve months of manual hand-carving and hand-polishing before it can achieve Imperial Harvest’s standard of finishing, befitting of a royal family’s treasure.


After passing the stringent quality care and control, it will be tested by an independent GIA-certified gemological institute based in Singapore.


“An Imperial Harvest Treasure is meant to last for generations.” - Master David Goh


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