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Bliss of Harvest - Fine Jadeite Collection

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 1 November 2019

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Inspired by Master David’s visit to the Altar of Heaven in Beijing, the Bliss of Harvest collection is one of Imperial Harvest’s most iconic designs. Breaking the conventions, Master David sets the bar for elegant and cutting-edge Feng Shui jewellery. 



About the Altar of Heaven

Situated in the southern part of Beijing, the Altar of Heaven is an architectural feat which symbolises the relationship between heaven and earth. For centuries, the Altar of Heaven has been one of the most mystical places in China as it served as the venue where the Ming and Qing emperors offered sacrifices to heaven and prayed for abundance of harvest. The magnificent complex boasts over 2.7 million square meters and consists of three main groups of constructions, namely the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, Imperial Vault of Heaven and Circular Mound Altar.

Located at the centre of the Circular Mound Altar lies a sacred spot known as the Heaven’s Heart Stone, the exact spot where the Emperor would worship heaven and pray for a bountiful year for its dynasty.

The Bliss of Harvest Design 

The inspiring visit birthed the Bliss of Harvest collection. Timeless and truly desirable, this iconic collection features rings, pendants and bracelets created with the contemporary individual in mind. Reinterpreting the fluid geometries of the Altar of Heaven, each piece of jewellery comes set in 18k rose gold and adorned with the finest jadeites in colours which match an individual’s favourable element. 


Within the heart of every Bliss of Harvest design, resides a flawlessly sculpted fine jadeite harvested from the centre of a jadeite boulder. This is where the most impeccable jadeite resides and radiates the most auspicious energy. The outer circle is made exclusively with 18k rose gold as a symbol of harmony and wholesomeness. The seamless marriage between traditional Chinese culture and bold aesthetics make the Bliss of Harvest collection the most unprecedented Feng Shui jewellery design. 

Where to wear the Bliss of Harvest Ring in accordance to Imperial Feng Shui

Fastidious to detail, elegant and still harnessing the power of the jadeite heart within, the Bliss of Harvest rings readily amplifies attributes that it's destined owner desires. The Bliss of Harvest rings, when worn on different fingers on your hand symbolises different meanings, attributes and strengths that you want to augment. 

Thumb - Leadership & Authority

The thumb, while being the shortest digit is the digit that is most functional and routinely used, providing strength and dexterity for our everyday activities. Ostensibly, without the thumb, many actions are rendered unattainable, which infers it as the digit which guides and dictates the other four digits.  


Surmising characteristics such as leadership and authority, the Bliss of Harvest ring, when worn on the thumb can help amplify these effects and will assist its destined owner to achieve a figure of authority within the industry and lead others to greater heights.

Index - Advancement & Promotion

Also known as the pointer finger, the index finger is one of the three most often-used digits, having practical applications of both sensory touch and grasp and also it is usually used for expressive purposes as well, which indicates that the pointer finger embodies advancement. 


Wearing the Bliss of Harvest ring on the index finger will aid its destined owner in advancement within the competitive environment to achieve promotions and attain career highlights.

Middle - Wealth & Investments

Located in the middle, the middle finger is the third most often-used finger and also the tallest finger. As the tallest finger, it symbolises that it is ‘reaching’ for new heights, illustrating the characteristics of ever-growing and possessing the indomitable spirit that never stops challenging it's limits. 


When the Bliss of Harvest ring is worn on the middle finger, it represents the never-ending expansion of their wealth capacity, allowing the individual to prosper and flourish from both direct and indirect wealth channels.

Ring - Relationship Harmony & Romance

The fourth finger, or also known as the ring finger has a direct connection with the heart, it represents the emotions and affections within a person. 


When the Bliss of Harvest ring is adorned onto the ring finger, relationship harmony between peers and loved ones is greatly enhanced, resulting in velvety and frictionless relations. Furthermore, it allows its destined owner to achieve a more affectionate and idealistic romantic relationship with his or her partner.

Little - Benefactors & Mentors

The little finger, the fifth digit of the human hand is also known as the pinky finger. The smallest finger is dwarfed by its taller cousins, yet it still serves its purpose, as a support figure always standing next to us, supporting us in our every endeavour and rallying us on. 


By wearing the Bliss of Harvest ring on the little finger, you will attract boundless benefactors that can help you advance within your industry and also mentors to guide you towards success.




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