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3 Reasons Why You Need To Get Your Home Feng Shui Reviewed

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 13 December 2019

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As we approach the end of the year, 2020 will be the newest dawn to embrace the new decade.  Here are 3 reasons why you need to get your home Feng Shui reviewed for 2020

1. Spatial Luck in our Homes & Offices

As 2019 draws to a close, 2020 is the first year to the start of a new decade. The new decade brings uncertainties and staying relevant in an ever-changing world has never been more important. 

Staying up-to-date requires more than just knowledge, it requires luck on our side, or more specifically, spatial luck at our homes and offices.


We spend a majority of our time at work and at home. The energy in these spaces regularly affects our energy levels and progressively influences our luck as we ‘live’ in these environments. Different elements in these environments affects us, from tangible ones like positions and directions our chairs face at our offices to intangible details like external landforms outside our homes. 

As the new year approaches, remodelling or re-positioning our furniture at our homes & offices is not uncommon. It is important to get your home Feng Shui reviewed by our expert consultants before the new year to understand the changes of luck at the sectors of our homes and offices, which is in the form of the Annual Flying Stars.

2. Annual Flying Stars

San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star is the basic principle that forms the foundation of understanding the energy chart of the house. By looking at the Flying Star chart, Master David can predict the wealth, prosperity and health of the occupants (i.e. the specific events that occupants have encountered).


The Annual Flying Stars stems from this principle. Every year the annual flying stars flies to different sectors of our homes or offices, hence the term ‘annual’. 

Annual Flying Stars plays the role of activating the auspicious or inauspicious sectors of the house or office. This means if your flying star chart is not audited, blindly following the annual flying stars without expert advice will create more troubles than prosperity.

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Master David applies the Flying Star chart for the purpose of predicting past events that have happened to the occupants, right down to the specific year and the month in which these events happened. In that same theory, Master David will be able to inform occupants of the homes or offices of the Flying Stars in 2020, as well as the auspicious areas, how to leverage these areas and also about the inauspicious sectors, also known as the Annual Afflictions, and how to counteract them.

3. Annual Afflictions

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Annual affliction stems from the same principle of San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star. Every year, the different affliction/stars move to the different sectors in your home. It is important to be aware of these annual afflictions as they can cause you and your family harm and misfortunes. 

If you are planning to carry out construction, renovations or anything that will create lots of noise in 2020, it is important to be aware of these annual afflictions as they can cause you and your family harm and misfortunes.

Master David will carry out an audit of your home or your office space, to divulge of the inauspicious directions and sectors of your house. The Annual Afflictions must be avoided as they can cause immediate health problems if disturbed. 

Master David will then suggest ways to avoid and counteract them, so your family can proceed on with their daily tasks without facing repercussions from the Annual Afflictions. 

Imperial Home Feng Shui directly addresses the most critical success factor in life - spatial luck which shapes our lives and our family’s destiny. 

Uncover your home energy chart, find out current issues affecting your progress at the moment and receive a detailed forecast of 2020 in order to harness the good energy of your property and achieve life's potential and aspirations. 

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