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How To Expand Your Wealth Capacity With Agarwood

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 8 September 2019

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Imperial Harvest Agarwood is the key collection you need to expand your direct wealth capacity. It brings benefactors, opportunities and minimises the volatility of our career & business performances. The higher the number of agarwood beads, the greater the power it possesses to expand your direct wealth capacity.  

What is direct wealth capacity?

Direct wealth capacity (正财库) is defined as the income potential we derive from our career, business, sales and other regular sources of income. If you are a full-time trader, trading is deemed as your source of direct wealth.

Why do you need to expand your wealth capacity?

Financial limitation

Besides luck, your wealth capacity determines the amount of wealth you are able to amass in your life time. People who are in good luck cycles, but have limited wealth capacities tend to lead a peaceful yet financially limited life. While there are no major fluctuations in their life, most struggled to retire in their golden years.

Limited benefactors in life

Benefactors are people who help us thrive and prosper. They act as a guide and mentor through our journey to achieving success. In short, benefactors are instrumental in our wealth creation journey. Having a small wealth capacity prevents you from meeting powerful benefactors.

Limited opportunities in life 

Our wealth capacity is correlated to our income potential. People with limited wealth capacities tend to find themselves hitting plateaus in their lives as they constantly miss out big opportunities or have opportunities slipping past their hands.

Different types of Imperial Harvest Agarwood 

Fallen Log Agarwood (Yellow Meat)

Fallen Log Agarwood derives its name from the way the Agarwood is formed. It is an extremely rare Agarwood that can only be found in rare and dangerous old forest in deep mountains. 


Benefits: Accelerate growth in your career and business

Fallen Log Agarwood (Purple Meat)

The difference between Yellow Meat and Purple Meat is the years of fermentation. Purple meat Fallen Log Agarwood is fermented for a longer period of time, giving it its signature purplish hue.


Benefits: Accelerate the growth in your career and business and helps you acquire powerful mentors and benefactors. 

Tiger Striped Agarwood

Tiger-striped Agarwood derives its name from the thick stripe of Agarwood resin across each Agarwood bead. It is formed when the fallen Agarwood tree is half buried underground.


Benefits: accelerate the growth in your career and business, help you acquire powerful mentors and grab golden opportunities

Red Earth Agarwood

Earth category Agarwood is the second most premium grade Agarwood. It is exceptionally difficult to discover because the Agarwood is buried underground while it undergoes fermentation for a few centuries. 


Benefits: enjoy stupendous growth in your career and business, tremendous support from powerful mentors and subordinates and secure high growth opportunities

Dark Earth Agarwood

Dark earth Agarwood derives its name from the dark and intense colour. A myriad of complex rich soil minerals contribute to its rich and intense dark coloured resin.


Benefits: spectacular growth in career and business, multiply career and business income by multi-folds, gain tremendous and firm support from powerful mentors and subordinates, grab and secure high growth million-dollar opportunities 

Near Sinking Agarwood

Near-sinking Agarwood is one of the finest Agarwood types in the world. It nearly sinks when it is placed in water. It is typically owned by members of royal families in the past. Its rich and intense resin is fully and evenly distributed.


Benefits: million-dollar growth in career and business, receive tremendous support from powerful leading authorities in your industry. Secure million-dollar growth opportunities and reach the top of your industry

Case studies:

mr ray - agarwood

"After wearing Imperial Harvest Treasures, my IT business grew 10 folds since June 2015. 

Thank you Master David for your guidance" - Mr Rayy

Mr v - agarwood

“Master David's remedy has improved my career! I look forward to collecting my Tiger Striped Agarwood beads with more breakthroughs and progressions!" - Mr V

Mr Ho - agarwood

"After wearing the Jadeite Guan Gong, my business improved. In Feb 2018, I won SGD 70k in the 4D draw. On the day (28th March) I collected my Dark Earth Agarwood Beads and won 3rd prize. I am very grateful for the blessing" - Mr Ho

Expand your direct wealth capacity with Imperial Harvest Agarwood collection today. Book a complimentary consultation or contact your Imperial Harvest advisors at +65 91221826(WhatsApp/SMS/Call) for more information. 

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