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3 Ways To Improve Your Career Luck

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 10 October 2018


Career luck … some have so much of it that they seem to achieve a job promotion and a salary increment without much effort at all …

While others have so little of it that they spend years working OT and ‘polishing their bosses’ boots’ – and then nothing!

In fact, a survey found that as many as 57% of executives in Singapore feel underappreciated at work.

Common complaints include lack of recognition from bosses, a stagnant salary, lack of learning opportunities and being overlooked for a promotion.

It’s no wonder one of the most popular questions we get from our clients is: “How do I improve my career luck?”

Here are the answers – but if you want to know what we’ve done to help thousands of executives to prosper in their careers, head straight to point #3.

#1. Street ‘Fortune Telling’

Street Fortune TellingWalking around Bugis, you can’t miss these street ‘fortune tellers’.

For a small fee, they offer to tell your fortune with a choice of palm reading, divination lot or card reading.

After a short session, you’re prescribed an amulet that will supposedly bring good luck and ensure you have a smooth-sailing future in your role at work

Except it won’t.

That’s because the amulet in question is usually a generic, off-the-shelf ‘solution’, so it won’t have the necessary properties to harmonise with your unique, inborn element.

It’s a nice accessory to carry around, but it won’t help much in landing the promotion and increment you want.

#2. Classical Feng Shui

Classical Feng ShuiClassical Feng Shui is a decidedly more personal and accurate way of finding a ‘solution’ for your career …

Whether it’s getting noticed for the next promotion or earning a breakthrough in your salary.

Using your Bazi chart, which is derived from a combination of your birth date and time of birth, a Classical Feng Shui master is able to guide you through your career.

Often, you’ll be advised to ‘lie low’ during your patch of bad luck – and only ‘take action’ when your good luck has returned.

For example, a Classical Feng Shui master may recommend you to hold on to a job you may not like in hopes that you’ll get into a much more lucrative position a few years down the road.

On the surface, this advice makes a lot of sense.

After all, the aim is to help you take the best decisions to achieve the most favourable outcomes in your career.

#3. Imperial Feng Shui

Imperial Feng ShuiThat said, not everyone can afford to wait for their good luck to come.

Some of our clients want to get married next year – and need a promotion and an increment fast to cope with rising costs.

Clearly, the first two methods won’t work for them.

Visiting a street ‘fortune teller’ won’t give you a personalised amulet that works, while following the advice of a Classical Feng Shui master means you have to continue to ‘wait and suffer’ – even if you’re going through a patch of bad luck!

Is there a personalised amulet that harmonises with your unique, inborn Bazi element, so your career luck can improve, and you can start taking action now towards achieving your career goals?

YES, there is!

You see, Imperial Feng Shui builds on the concept of Classical Feng Shui.

Like Classical Feng Shui, Imperial Feng Shui – using your Bazi chart – offers an accurate guiding light in your career.

But while Classical Feng Shui focuses on ‘knowing’, Imperial Feng Shui focuses on using that knowledge to ‘take action’.

Which is why at Imperial Harvest, we’ve curated a fine collection of hand-crafted Jadeites, each customised to harmonise with your unique, inborn Bazi element …

AND blessed by Imperial Feng Shui Master David Goh at your most auspicious date and time.

The whole process creates an effective Imperial Feng Shui remedy that’s designed to transform your career luck and empower you to start taking action towards achieving your career goals today.

This means you’ll be able to win a job promotion within months (instead of years!) and a huge salary increment … even if you don’t work OT for hours every day!

Experience Your Very Own Personalised Jadeite That Harmonises With Your Unique Bazi Element … So You Can Start Improving Your Career Luck Today!

Imperial Harvest Jadeite Collection

We know we can keep talking and talking, but talk is cheap without action.

That’s why we’re inviting you to come down for a free 1-to-1 Bazi consultation, where Master David Goh and his team of trusted advisers can understand more about your career and find the Jadeite that harmonises with you – and you only …

So you can improve your career luck and achieve the job promotion and the salary increment you’ve always wanted.

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