3 Tips for Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 11 April 2019

Corporate Ladder

Many of us land a job, and are thankful to be employed. But equally, we want to be recognised for and rewarded by the work we do. Chances are you’ve dreamt of moving up the ranks in your company at some point. Opportunities, unfortunately, don’t just fall out of the sky. The recipe for a job promotion includes some work from your end. Here are three tips to make it happen.

1. Take the Lead

Take the lead

It starts with you. Your boss or superior is focused on the bigger picture and isn’t always on the ground to know what goes on day to day, so it’s up to you to spot a need and come up with a solution.

Be sure to research what has or has not been done to solve the problem. After all, doing your due diligence is part of taking the initiative.

The more detailed and clearer you’re with your idea, the more receptive your boss or superior will be. This means turning your idea into a plan, complete with the approach, the strategy for implementation, the costs and the expected results.

This could be your chance to become a leader of your own programme!

2. Earn the Support of Your Colleagues


At the end of the day, your company thrives on the effort of the team. So if you don’t play well with your colleagues, you can stick out like a sore thumb.

Spend time to understand what your colleagues in each department need in order to succeed and see how you can facilitate those needs.

Your boss or superior would notice and appreciate someone who’s able to break down barriers and connect with people, so you’d be at the top of the list the next time an opportunity for promotion comes up.

However, not every colleague may be cooperative. Do you have malefactors (小人) hindering your career progression?

3. Get on Your Boss's Side


No, we’re not talking about showering your boss with empty compliments. Instead, strive to make your boss’s job easier.

For example, as opposed to waiting for your boss to request for an update on the project he gave you last month, keep him up to speed regularly.

You can also remind him of your accomplishments. This doesn’t mean you have to brag. Forwarding a thank-you message you received from a client to your boss works too.

Both of these actions serve to let your boss know that you’re doing a great job and provide measurable results, which will be absolutely important when it comes to reviewing your performance.

A good performance equates to a higher chance of a job promotion …

black line

Or not. Ultimately, some workplaces can get a little tricky to navigate. Your chances of a job promotion can depend on you taking the charge on more tasks (as outlined above). But it can also depend on factors that are out of your control such as the presence of malefactors (小人) and favourtism.

At Imperial Harvest, we believe career success is all about aligning these external factors with your hard work. To date, over 6,000 clients have benefitted from our guidance and achieved their career breakthroughs.

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