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3 Myths about home Feng Shui you should stop believing

Posted by Imperial Harvest on 13 November 2018

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When it's done in the right way, home Feng Shui can enhance benefactors, and meaningfully transform our lives and that of our families. With so many articles and information available about home Feng Shui, it is easy to get confused between myths and facts.

In this article, we debunk 3 common myths about home Feng Shui that are simply untrue. 

Myth 1 - Painting your house in your auspicious colour can attract luck and wealth 

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We have all heard of this before... Painting your bedroom, living room and kitchen in your auspicious or colour representing your favourable element can attract luck and wealth. While colours can evoke a certain mood or emotion, it has nothing to do with home Feng Shui and it certainly will not make you wealthier or more successful. Instead, an optimal Feng Shui arrangement of your key furnitures such as bed, stove and study table can do the trick. 

Myth 2 - Decluttering is the key to a more successful life


Here's another common belief - decluttering and cleaning the mess in your house promotes good energy flow and hence attract good fortune and luck. Living in a clean and tidy space can motivate you and possibly improves productivity as a result. However, this has no relation to the authentic practice of home Feng Shui.  

Myth 3 - Rearranging furnitures will improve my luck


As mentioned in above, the arrangement of key furniture can improve your home Feng Shui. However, the incorrect placement of them can lead to bad luck and detrimental effects for you and your family.

Home Feng Shui can only meaningfully transform our lives when it's done the right way with a proper assessment by a Feng Shui expert. An expert consultant will be able provide the appropriate advice after conducting a thorough assessment of the external urban landform, internal Qi distribution of your apartment and internal landform of your residence. With proper guidance and support, home Feng Shui can bring wealth and harmony into your homes. 

As a respected authority on Imperial feng Shui, Imperial Harvest has been trusted by thousands of clients to help them achieve their goals and aspirations. We have helped build thousands of interior spaces that are backed by the most rigorous Feng Shui principles. 

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